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2156Bagging on Roy Spencer

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  • mike@usinter.net
    Apr 10, 2004
      It would be political suicide for McCain to ignore climate as his
      state burns and whithers. Sadly, it is also political suicide for
      you to reduce CO2 emissions and not take every drop of water that
      flows down the Colorado River into the Gulf of California where
      conductivities and the macrobiosphere there has been so impacted.
      But for another day . . .

      i Reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases significantly will be
      extremely painful. It may sound to John Q. Public that getting
      industry to "pollute less" is a good thing, until John realizes how
      much it's going to cost him. Using terms like "market-driven"
      and "tradable allowances," as supporters of these global warming
      bills do, can make greenhouse-gas reductions sound almost attractive.
      But it glosses over the fact that industries that happen to be
      particularly profitable at the time can trade their right to pollute
      with other industries. "Feel good" measures that might reduce global
      emissions by 5% or 10% aren't going to have any measurable effect on
      global temperatures in the next 50 years anyway - a fact the
      supporters of these bills will acknowledge if you ask them.
      Fortunately, many Americans can afford to both wring their hands over
      environmental threats, and pay more for their energy needs. But what
      about those who can't afford it?

      What I wonder is how much the fossil fuel industry paid him for
      this. Or how much the publication was paid. This is a decidely
      fascist view and has nothing to do with climate science.

      i Legislative punishment of the generation of affordable energy --
      the lifeblood of free and growing economies -- will have huge winners
      and losers. But until we either accept nuclear power as an
      alternative, or develop new energy generation technologies, there is
      little we can do to reduce our production of greenhouse gases by any
      significant amount. The energy intensity of solar and wind are
      insufficient to make much of a difference. So what's the point of
      introducing legislation that will have relatively little positive
      environmental effect, but will have negative economic consequences? I
      can't believe that partisan politics would be involved in any way…at
      least not in an election year.

      One of the interesting ideas about "affordable energy" is how the
      fossil fuel industry hopes to transfer costs and risks and privitize
      profits. Hence wars for oil and subsidizing an industry despite the
      COSTS and RISKS of climate change. But, sadly, I would rather
      stick to the science, and this is a purely political fascist barf bag
      of writing by someone who has NO IDEA what the consequences of more
      CO2 into the macrobiosphere are.

      i Roy Spencer recently wrote for TCS about "Raining on the Global
      Warming Parade."
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