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2150Re: 2004 Hurricane Forecast

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  • David
    Apr 2, 2004
      > Mid S. Carolina. Don't recall the river. It was a reconstruction
      > project.

      Ok. I knew there hadn't been any new dams built in a long time. For
      SC, the Santee-Cooper complex is by far the biggest lake/river system.
      The Santee river flows into Lake Marion, which then flows into Lake
      Moultree. Both lakes were dammed back in the WW2 era for
      hydroelectric power. At the time, it was the biggest earth-moving
      project ever. Lake Moultree drains into the Cooper River, which
      empties into Charleston Harbor.

      The Lake Moultree dam, if memory serves, is an earthen dam, and I can
      remeber about 20 years ago that it almost gave way during a period of
      prolonged, heavy rain.

      The other major dam in the middle part of the state would be the Lake
      Murray Dam, which is northwest of Columbia, and lies on the Saluda
      River. The Saluda River eventually flows into the Santee River. That
      dam was finished in 1930, and was also built for hydroelectric power.
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