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2125Re: Gas on Ice

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  • David
    Mar 3, 2004
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      > It is well known that the earth EMF flips and changes its
      > intensity. What I suggest is that there are indeed times that the
      > lack of an earth EMF causes the solar winds to strip away the
      > atmosphere, starting, of course, with the ionosphere. Seems to me
      > that OZONE would be the first part to the atmosphere to take a hit.
      > That then would begin to change the earth global electrical circuitry
      > and cause storms--chaotic patterns.
      > Which then get modulated by the biosphere.
      > The fact that there is an atmosphere and its degree is also a highly
      > tuned mechanism, IMHO. Tuned by the biosphere.

      In the most chaotic part of the magnetic field's life, a pole flip,
      the magnetic field still exists. It's twisted and convoluted, with
      north and south poles popping up in some really odd places until
      things settle down again, but it is still a magnetic field, and still
      offers protection. In a way, it might be fun! It would be a blast to
      be sitting on a beach in Tahiti on a warm, tropical night, sipping a
      drink with a little umbrella in it, while watching the dance of aurora
      light high overhead.

      If the magnetic field were to vanish altogether for a time, we do have
      one thing in our favor. We have active volcanos constantly
      replenishing the atmosphere. The main effect might be purely
      biological. We would have to take precautions against solar
      radiation, especially during periods of high solar activity.
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