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2102Solar Actvity Report for 2/4/04

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  • David
    Feb 4, 2004
      ** Aurora Watch In Effect **

      The high speed solar wind continues tonight, and aurora have been
      spotted in Alaska. An aurora watch remains in effect. Skywatchers in
      northern Europa, Canada, and Alaska should keep an eye out for aurora,
      especially around local midnight. The current conditions are expected
      to last for about the next 48 hours before the solar wind speed starts
      to slow down. Of the suspot regions visible, region 547 looks to have
      a chance of generating a significant flare.

      The current solar and geomagnetic conditions are :

      NOAA sunspot number : 85
      SFI : 101
      A index : 12
      K index : 4

      Solar wind speed : 583.6 km/sec
      Solar wind density : 1.8 protons/cc
      Solar wind pressure : 0.7 nPa

      IMF : 6.2 nT
      IMF Orientation : 2.0 nT North

      Conditions for the last 24 hours :
      No space weather storms were observed for the past 24 hours.

      Forecast for the next 24 hours :
      No space weather storms are expected for the next 24 hours.

      Solar activity forecast :
      Solar activity is expected to be low. There is a chance for an
      isolated M-class event.

      Geomagnetic activity forecast :
      The geomagnetic field is expected to be generally quiet to unsettled
      with occasional active periods for 05-06 February. Quiet to unsettled
      conditions are expected for 07 February as the affects of the high
      speed solar wind stream subside.

      Recent significant solar flare activity :