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2044Re: Sallie Chisholm's Prochlorococcus

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  • David
    Dec 1, 2003
      --- In methanehydrateclub@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Doran" <mike@u...> wrote:
      > http://web.mit.edu/biology/www/facultyareas/facresearch/chisholm.shtml
      > "We participated in three expeditions that tested this hypothesis,
      > in
      > which a patch of ocean was fertilized with iron, and the response of
      > the phytoplankton community was monitored. The results were
      > dramatic.
      > Phytoplankton biomass increased 20-fold with the addition of iron,
      > and the structure of the phytoplankton community also changed
      > substantially. Our role in the project was to describe and understand
      > the differential response of phytoplankton species to iron
      > enrichment."

      Are you suggesting that it is strictly the conductive properties of
      iron that are responsible for the phytoplankton bloom? I was under
      the impression is was because of the fact that iron was a nutrient of
      the phytoplankton. If it is strictly because of the conductivity,
      then shouldn't the results be reproducible with another metal? For
      example, copper should have the same effect.
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