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1935Solar Activity Report for 8/30/03

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  • David
    Aug 30, 2003
      The fringes of a CME impacted the Earth's magnetosphere on Friday,
      touching off a G-1 class geomagnetic storm. Conditions have calmed
      since then, and there isn't much happening for the moment. On or
      about Sept 2nd, the Earth will enter a high speed solar wind stream
      coming from a coronal hole that has rotated into an Earth-pointing
      position. We could well see some increased activity from that in the
      coming days. All is quiet on the flare side of things. There are
      four numbered sunspot regions visible this evening, but none appear to
      have the potential for producing a significant flare for the time

      The current solar and geomagnetic conditions are :

      NOAA sunspot number : 124
      SFI : 114
      A index : 21
      K index : 2

      Solar wind speed : 463.9 km/sec
      Solar wind density : 1.3 protons/cc
      Solar wind pressure : 0.4 nPa

      IMF : 5.4 nT
      IMF Orientation : 1.9 nT South

      Conditions for the last 24 hours :
      Space weather for the past 24 hours has been minor. Geomagnetic storms
      reaching the G1 level occurred.

      Forecast for the next 24 hours :
      No space weather storms are expected for the next 24 hours.

      Solar activity forecast :
      Solar activity is expected to be low. None of the current active
      regions shows any signs of greater than low potential for flare activity.

      Geomagnetic activity forecast :
      The geomagnetic field is expected to be at unsettled to minor storm
      levels for the next 24 to 36 hours. Near the end of the second day, a
      co-rotating interaction region associated with a coronal hole should
      effect minor to major storm levels, and continue as a high speed
      stream for the remainder of the forecast period.

      Recent significant solar flare activity :