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193Fleming RIGHT hand rule and magnetic S

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  • Pawnfart
    Aug 1, 2001
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      It was pointed out to me two errors that cancel
      each other out and actually produce the correct
      result.<br><br>That is, I have applied Fleming's left hand rule for
      induction when it should be Fleming's right had
      rule.<br><br>That said, in the application of this rule, I assumed
      that the earth's magnetic north is at the north pole.
      Not true. The earth's magnet actually operates like a
      bar magnet with geographical north where this bar
      magnet's south pole is. Given that opposites attact, that
      is why a compass can point with the north pole of
      the magnet in the compass toward the geographical
      north pole! In short, correct application would be to
      take your right hand and point it to the geographical
      south pole--and you still get the result that westward
      moving currents are going to induct a current skyward
      and enhance cirrus, or flaring expanding and
      contracting is going to result in a net upward electrical
      vector to the position of the afternoon sky.
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