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1685Re: High speed wind

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  • David <b1blancer1@earthlink.net>
    Mar 1, 2003
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      --- In methanehydrateclub@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Doran <mike@u...>"
      <mike@u...> wrote:
      > Interesting report David.

      Thanks! I won't bother to do a full report tonight. It would be just
      about a corbon copy of yesterday. No significant flares, solar wind
      speed in the low 400's, just waiting for the next round of high speed
      solar wind in a couple of days.

      > As you know, I postulate that the solar wind commences "Doran waves".

      I know you've explained it before, but I don't remember, what exactly
      are Doran waves?

      > But these low frequency large scale waves must have entry near the
      > magnetic poles where the isobars are close and the convection low--
      > because a strike will mess up the signal.
      > Speed, pressure and volume all in the end equate to electrical
      > current. The number that seems to correlate largely w/ "weather"
      > most, just as a causual observer, is the volume. What do you think?

      I'm still somewhat sceptical of a direct connection between solar
      activity and short-term weather, although I will admit, I have seen
      some strong correlations between the two. Perhaps coincidence, or
      perhaps not. My problem is that I don't see how a solar wind that is
      usually at most 10 protons/cc can have much effect. That is a tiny
      amnount of electrical charge. Now granted, it can manifest itself by
      causing enough of a cascade of electons down to the poles to light up
      the skies. Nevertheless, I still don't understand how that's supposed
      to equate to cloud enhancement or storm intensity.

      > Combining this with a trend in ENSO and that flaring/CME
      > you have well described in the past few weeks resulted in the waves
      > thar gaves us the Nor'easters and finally some precip to drought
      > starved Arizona.

      There haven't been any strong flares or CME's, at least not
      Earth-directed, in a while. What we have been seeing is high speed
      solar wind from coronal holes. Although, I guess for your purposes,
      it ends up having the same effect.
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