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1683High speed wind

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  • Mike Doran <mike@usinter.net>
    Mar 1, 2003
      Interesting report David.

      As you know, I postulate that the solar wind commences "Doran waves".

      But these low frequency large scale waves must have entry near the
      magnetic poles where the isobars are close and the convection low--
      because a strike will mess up the signal.

      Speed, pressure and volume all in the end equate to electrical
      current. The number that seems to correlate largely w/ "weather"
      most, just as a causual observer, is the volume. What do you think?

      The SOI has been positive strongly now for 5 days. There is a
      tropical storm forming near OZ.

      SSTs have switched toward a more La Nina condition but in El Nino 1
      and 2 the several weeks of flaring you have described have caused a
      more nuetral condition--which is interesting to me because I think
      that ENSO is not just about SSTs but about direction of current (read
      SOI) and the amount of induction Doran waves experiance, but also a
      biological aspect of conductivity, such that an upwelling of
      nutrients that occurs from a cold anomaly would bring a food chain
      about that impacts conductivity. So that the flip to warming type
      EMF conditions, IOW conditions with more cirrus enhancement, would
      occur BEFORE SSTs warm.

      Crazy complex and posutlation, speculation, I know, but I have been
      looking at some pretty sophisticated data from NOAA. Now, SSTs along
      the SW coast, in the GOC, clearly now have warmed. So much drought
      caused so little biological enhancement from the Colorado, and the
      rest of the hydrology, that, IMHO, the ocean cooled enough on the
      surface to cause upwelling. Upwelling led to biological nutrients
      becoming available for the surface microbrial activity, and
      conductivity improved--biologically, despite the poor flow from the
      Colorado. Combining this with a trend in ENSO and that flaring/CME
      you have well described in the past few weeks resulted in the waves
      thar gaves us the Nor'easters and finally some precip to drought
      starved Arizona. In Northern Arizona they have been getting as much
      snow as anyone--many feet of it.

      With that snow and the reversal of conditions in the GOC--it will be
      interesting to watch the tornado season as it unfolds in the next two
      months. The W. GOM is very cold anomaly and there is a black algae
      patch in the E. GOM now to go with very warm SSTs after weeks of
      streaming clouds from that spot that seem to run a Doran wave over
      Florida and even impacts the NE . . . when the storm pulses are
      larger and producing the Nor'easters the pulse just goes a little
      more north . . .
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