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1482Re: [Methane Hydrate Club] Gaia news alert

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  • David
    Nov 11 3:08 AM
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      > I might list some good things that controlling the rotation speed
      > of the earth would do. But it doesn't sound like you are interested.

      Its not that, Walter. I simply don't think its possible to do so.

      > Btw how is the SE theory not in sink with present Solar theory?

      Because there has been no evidence of anything like you decribe the SE
      to be found. The sun does have a magnetic field, that is true, but it
      works much differently thatn Earrth's, and is generated in a much
      different way.

      > Mars is without volcanos because its plates have not shifted,
      > because its shape has not changed, because its rate of rotation has
      > not
      > changed, because its poles have not shifted to new spots of rotation,
      > because no water has frozen on its poles to get in the way of its SE
      > conductivity, because there is not enough water on Mars. Why it
      >lost its
      > water I haven't figured out yet.

      Mars' poles are definitely frozen! Its mostly frozen CO2, but there
      may be some frosen water there, too. Mars lost its volcanos because
      there's no geothermal heat to drive them. Its outer core has cooled
      and solidified. It is also known that Mars has no magnetic field.
      When the volcanos on Mars died out, there was nothing to replenish gas
      in the atmosphere. Without the protection of a magnetic field, the
      atmosphere was slowly and relentlessly eaten away by the solar wind,
      and since Mars has less gravity by virtue of being smaller, it was
      less able to try and hold onto that atmosphere. There may be vast
      quantitues of water on Mars underground. The jury is still out on
      that one. Mars does still have an atmosphere, although not much of
      one. Its about 1/100 the density of Earth's. Still, that's enough to
      cause some interesting weather there, including global dust storms,
      clouds (including water ice clouds), and even a visible blue sky
      sometimes, as evidenced by pictures returned by Pathfinder.
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