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1477Re: Road Fascism

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  • David
    Nov 8, 2002
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      > Without question the subsidy allows you to have the job you have and
      > live where you live.

      And its a good thing too, or I would be unemployed. Been there, done
      that, couldn't afford the t-shirt.

      > Would
      > > you keep me from getting home to my wife?
      > >
      > That is an unfair question. The better question I will have you
      > answer. Do you think free food in the Soviet Union was a good idea?

      Uhhh, you lost me. What does that have to do with roads?

      > Because it comes from the subsidy with the cost of making it worse
      > for those who do live in higher density areas. And it isn't
      > sustainable--indeed already the economy is feeling it and we haven't
      > had the impact of Hubbert's peak or serious climate change from our
      > activity . . . yet. And mostly because there IS a social cost to
      > road fascism.

      Well, I live in the largest city in my part of the state! It really
      isn't big enough to have suburbs, so I guess that's not a good
      example. So, let's take where I am working, which is in the
      Washington, DC area. There are definitely a LOT of suburbs here. In
      fact, I stay in one suburb (Chantilly, VA), and work in another
      (Reston, VA). So what would you have us do? Every leave the suburb
      towns and move to DC proper? That would be impossible! There's no
      way there would be enough housing to hold all the people, never mind
      the fact that many of the jobs are in the suburbs as well. You're
      assuming that everybody commutes to the "big city" to work. That
      isn't always the case.
      > BTW, if roads were tolled you could eliminate other taxes.

      Yeah, you would eliminate a lot of driving. You would also eliminate
      people's ability to get to their jobs, schools, etc.

      >but do you honestly think it makes any
      > sense to drive a 4,000 pound SUV to return that 5 ounce video?
      > Really?

      No, of course it doesn't make sense to drive that way. No argument there.
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