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1356Re: http://orca.rsmas.miami.edu/wximages/jet/1_31/anis.html

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  • David
    Oct 2, 2002
      --- In methanehydrateclub@y..., "Mike Doran" <mike@u...> wrote:
      > We have a pin hole. Once the big band over Cuba dissapated--the
      > whole became tiny. VERY DANGEROUS. This will go Cat 4 MINIMUM.

      The NHC is saying Cat 3. They mention the fact that the water in the
      northern Gulf is a little cooler, and that there is dry air to the
      northwest that could get drawn in and inhibit development. At the
      present time, they are predicting landfall windspeed of around 110
      kt. Thry also, however, mention the possibility that it could make
      Cat 4.
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