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1349Ozone hole link and comments

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  • mike
    Oct 1 7:20 AM
      Ozone hole link and comments



      Warmer oceans and a double peak flaring and CME--means that the
      circumpolar current is both conductive and taking in large quantities of
      protons. HOWEVER, the circumpolar is not all that is going on there in
      Antarctica--there is the countercurrent or eddy near the boots of both S.
      America and Antarctica--interestingly where both b-21 and b-22 broke off
      and very warm anomalies, up to 5 degrees C., have been recorded. There,
      induction patterns enhance cirrus--and so you really have very strong
      ability for local Doran waves to be produced. My view is this is what is
      splitting the ozone layer. Ozone, as you all know, is an ion in the
      ionosphere, and is inherently electrical.
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