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  • foryeshua1@juno.com
    Sep 30, 2002
      David, In the last several months except the last about two months,
      there were some trails photographed in the sky that stayed for hours and
      hours. When the planes were examined,that put out these trails, it was
      discovered that the smoke did not come from the exhaust of the engines.
      It was being deposited by someone wanting to do it.
      This leaves us with speculation about what was going on and why.
      In my reasoning about the Solar Electrojet, a conductor laid down in such
      a manner becomes effectively a channel for charge discharge. Storms that
      form and move along are formed under jet streams as they grow larger,
      several storms can form in a line under the jet stream that is acting
      like a discharger for the SE that is coming from the ground. If such a
      channel is put in place say from a potential water source such as the
      Gulf and is laid across a path in a NE direction, the discharge that it
      provides would suck up water and carry it along under the chem trail as
      long as the trail is in place.
      Though it is generally not understood as such, jet streams
      providing discharge are the channels that create a need for more SE as
      they go along, because the storm being drawn by it through discharge
      causes its rain to rain out, therefore resulting in a demand for SE
      current for its ongoing passage of Jet Stream charges. This demand can
      cause tornadoes, which are natures way of providing paths through
      relatively dry air for SE current to follow the demand being given by the
      dying and SE demanding Jet Stream. The twisting direction always follows
      the right hand rule for electrical conductance. So observing the twisting
      direction can give you the direction of the discharge. \
      I have stated that electricity is always coming from someplace
      and going to someplace. The SE is always the source on the earth. The
      cause of lightening, tornadoes, volcano lightening, Jet stream formation,
      storm formation, evaporation, and transpiration.
      The SE's constant presence on the earth, causes it to rotate on
      its axis, freeze every place where its current is sufficiently strong,
      most notable on the polar areas when the SE is in place to do it, etc.
      I have put out several things on the net that could have been
      done to do certain things, like cause hurricanes to rain out at sea. Some
      one has done several of them, because I can tell from the evidence I see
      in place. A most notable problem in all of what was done without my
      consultation about the details of the cause and affect that I was talking
      about, was that mistakes were made in almost all of them. I would expect
      in the future that that someone would wise up and talk to me about it
      before thinking they understood all about it and shooting from the hip.

      I hope this is helpful for NASA. Dr. Walter O. Peterson

      On Fri, 27 Sep 2002 03:42:02 -0000 "David" <b1blancer1@...>
      Mike -

      NASA has released a couple of notes of late having to do with jet
      contrails as they relate to climate. Given the right conditions, jet
      contrails can persist for long periods of time, and even spread out to
      create an artificial high cloud cover. There's debate over whether
      that will have a net warming or cooling effect. How do you see jet
      contrails in relation to climate, storms, etc?

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