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1194Re: [Methane Hydrate Club] Explanation please

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  • mike
    Jul 10, 2002
      BTW, nothing you describe here is not consistant with a very
      hydrologically and biologically active Mississippi and GOM feeding back
      EMF patterns that enhance cirrus and water content in the air . . .

      > Central Illinois. Peoria, Illinois more specifically.<BR>
      > <BR>
      > Up till June 15 we were in a very wet, and cool pattern.  then<BR>
      > abruptly, it was 90-96 daily with dewpoints between 70-80.  Since
      > then,<BR>
      > I think we've registered a Trace of Precip and temperatures have been
      > on<BR>
      > average 10-13 degrees above normal, Except for today.  Today is
      > much<BR>
      > cooler, but is still humid.<BR>
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