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Support NoMa Parks By TUESDAY

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  • Rachel Davis
    Dear Residents, Employees, and Friends of NoMa, We need your help to assure that NoMa is a great neighborhood with great parks. In order to start the public
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2012

    Dear Residents, Employees, and Friends of NoMa,


    We need your help to assure that NoMa is a great neighborhood with great parks.  In order to start the public park development process, Mayor Gray requested $18 million in the District’s FY 2013 capital budget to begin work on NoMa parks.  In lieu of the Mayor’s proposed funding, the DC Council included a priority for NoMa parks funding if additional District monies become available. The final vote on the 2013 budget takes place Tuesday, June 5 – so we need your help THIS WEEKEND.  We are asking you to sign a petition and show the Mayor and Council your support for parks in NoMa.


    For years the NoMa BID has used vacant, privately-owned property to create community crossroads and interactions through a farmers market, regular movie nights, concerts and other events, but that cannot continue for much longer because all of these places are slated for near-term development. Permanent spaces for recreation, events, playgrounds, dog parks and sports courts are essential to our vibrant and growing neighborhood.  Each time a site is developed it is lost as a potential park location.  The NoMa neighborhood needs to secure park space now!


    Over the past year, the NoMa BID has worked with the neighborhood to develop a Parks & Public Realm Plan to help identify where and how parks can be added to our area. We have come up with some great ideas.  But we need funding to make these places a reality. Please circulate, sign and return these petition pages BY MONDAY at noon to Rachel Davis. The petitions will let decision-makers know that NoMa Parks are a top priority for thousands of people in the neighborhood! Find more information on how to directly contact your councilmember and members of the parks committee.


    Thanks for your help in making NoMa a great place to work, live, and relax!


    Rachel L. Davis, LEED AP

    Director of Marketing & Events

    100+ free community events each year!


    NoMa Business Improvement District

    1200 First Street NE, Suite 310

    Washington, DC 20002


    (P) 202-289-0111 x.3





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