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Re: WashCycle: A time-line of the Metropolitan Branch Trail

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  • paul125a
    Thank you for the timeline. My memory is hazy, but I may have been one of the 11 cyclists who first rode the route with Pat Hare. It has been a while. Without
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 28, 2010
      Thank you for the timeline. My memory is hazy, but I may have been one of the 11 cyclists who first rode the route with Pat Hare. It has been a while. Without Pat's energy & vision it never would have happened.

      I think I am the one who came up with the name, after having read a book on the history of the B&O Railroad. The railroad (now CSX), called that line the "Metropolitan Branch," later "Metropolitan Sub[division]." It was called a "branch" line because the main line went directly west from Baltimore toward Harpers Ferry. Metropolitan Ave. is also the name of a road in Kensington, which runs along the tracks.

      After 20 years, I got to ride it last week!


      Paul Ceruzzi

      --- In metbranchtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Miller" <stephen@...> wrote:
      > A time-line of the Metropolitan Branch Trail
      > I thought it might be instructive to create a time-line for the
      > Metropolitan Branch Trail, both past and present, to give an idea of how
      > much has been done and how much there is to do. This is a pretty
      > complicated project with many moving parts including DC, Montgomery
      > County, PG County, CSX, WMATA, PEPCO, Catholic University and other
      > private land owners. A project like that takes a while to finish.
      > 1988 - The idea is conceived and pitched by Brookland resident and
      > planner Patrick Hare
      > <http://www.metbranchtrail.com/Documents/1DraftChapter1.pdf> .
      > 1989 - The first exploratory ride was held.
      > 1997 - The DC Department of Public Works completed an engineering
      > feasibility study.
      > 1998 - Congress allocated $8.5 million in demonstration project money to
      > fund the trail.
      > 1999 - WABA published the concept plan for the trail. A formal
      > groundbreaking ceremony was held. The first section of the trail, a one
      > mile long side-path along John McCormack Dr NE, was built.
      > 2001 - WABA published a study describing the necessary acquisitions
      > needed for the trail.
      > 2002 - WMATA agreed to build a section of the trail as part of the New
      > York Avenue Metro Station project. M-NCPPC completed a feasibility study
      > and concept plan of the Maryland section of the trail.
      > 2003 - Bike lanes painted on 1st St NE from G St to K St. 2004 - The New
      > York Avenue Metro Stationopened
      > <http://www.wmata.com/about_metro/news/PressReleaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=
      > 3182> with 2000 feet of trail. A half mile of the trail was built,
      > unpaved, in Takoma Park, MD along Takoma Avenue and Fenton Street. A
      > bridge over the railroad tracks to Jessup Blair Park was built.
      > 2005 - DDOT completed a comprehensive concept plan
      > <http://www.metbranchtrail.com/designplan_toc.html>
      > 2006 - Takoma Park trail section is paved.
      > 2008 - Stairs from the New York Avenue Metro Station section to L Street
      > NE, a sidepath section of the trail under the tracks along L Street NE
      > and along a three-block portion of 2nd Street NE were completed.
      > 2010 - Prince Georges County Connector in Avondale
      > <http://www.thewashcycle.com/2009/11/trees-going-in-soon-on-the-met-bran
      > ch-trail.html> , MD from the DC/MD line to 19th Avenue opened. A 1.5
      > mile section
      > <http://www.thewashcycle.com/2010/04/met-branch-trail-ribboncutting-mond
      > ay-may-3rd.html> of the trail rom New York Ave to Franklin Street
      > opens.
      > Future
      > Fall 2010 - Completion of the Rhode Island Avenue Bridge design. Design
      > begins
      > <http://www.thewashcycle.com/2010/03/march-2010-dc-bac-meeting-notes-.ht
      > ml> of the trail from Michigan Avenue to 1st St, NE.
      > Spring 2011 - Work begins on the Art Walk development
      > <http://www.thewashcycle.com/2010/08/met-branch-gap-closer-to-being-clos
      > ed.html> and with it a one block section of the trail between Monroe
      > Ave and the CUA Metro.
      > Spring or summer 2011 - Completion of the Silver Spring Transit Center
      > <http://www.gazette.net/stories/03102010/silvnew190050_32549.php> . This
      > includes the northern trailhead and a temporary section of the trail.
      > The section will be finalized when the Purple line is built through the
      > center.
      > Fall 2011 - Rhode Island Avenue Bridge
      > <http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post.cgi?id=6077> to open
      > 2013 - Completion of the Transportation Access Improvements for 1st
      > Place and Galloway Street, NE
      > <http://www.thewashcycle.com/2010/03/fort-totten-trails-and-parking.html
      > > . This will include a section of the Met Branch Trail to Riggs Road,
      > and the Prince Georges County Connector to South Dakota Avenue
      > 2016 - Completion of phase 1
      > <http://www.thewashcycle.com/2010/06/met-branch-continues-to-move-slowly
      > -forward.html> of the Montgomery County Section, from the Silver Spring
      > Transit Center to Georgia Avenue - including the bridge over Georgia
      > Avenue
      > 2019 - Completion of phase 2 of the Montgomery County Section, from
      > Georgia Avenue to Montgomery College
      > Indefinite hold
      > <http://www.thewashcycle.com/2010/06/pg-county-connector-trail-on-indefi
      > nite-hold.html> - Prince Georges County Connector from 19th Ave to
      > Chillum Road
      > TBD - Construction of section from Michigan Avenue to Fort Totten
      > TBD - Design and Construction of the 1st St, NE to DC-MD line section
      > TBD - Design and Construction of the PG County Connector from South
      > Dakota Avenue to the DC/MD line
      > TBD - Ramp built from 1st St NE to trail above L Street (This is
      > dependent on construction beginning on a building to replace the parking
      > lot at the NE corner of 1st and L). Crossposted at the Washcycle
      > <http://www.thewashcycle.com/2010/08/a-timeline-of-the-metropolitan-bran
      > ch-trail.htm>
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