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The Singylarity Ain't Here 6

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  • david_dodds_2001
    The Singylarity Ain t Here 6 Copyright 2010 David Dodds In this multi-episode article we read about what does/may constitute an intelligent system. Both
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      The Singylarity Ain't Here 6

      Copyright 2010 David Dodds

      In this multi-episode article we read about what does/may constitute an intelligent system. Both biological and machine systems are discussed. The Singyalarity Ain't Here article is about what is human intelligence, that it might be surpassed, and what are the constituents of such an intelligence.

      It is also about intelligence in general and proto-intelligence, discussion of systems and processes which are not complete intelligence in themselves.

      Here are the names of some of the sources of information drawn upon for this article; the list is not exhaustive. nor in any particular order.
      (Parts 1 through 6 contain the names of sources of information and titles of their books and papers. Part 7 completes the list and contains discussion of constitution of intelligent systems. Later parts continue that discussion.)

      (<start rumour>The American military has a super computer system that computes a million google-flops per second and runs up to 16 million threads at once. Secret programming derived from Alan Turing and Nicola Tesla make the computer more intelligent than a human. Why haven't we (the public) heard about this machine? Its a deep secret. It's strategic. It's purity of essence. :) [See Note 1]

      An invisible (to radar) aircraft still makes pressure/sound waves in the atmosphere. A signal absorbing morphology is a (signal) 'dead-spot' moving through the air. The Russians spoke of this some years ago.

      In the event that a large-scale camera with concommitant large-scale 'video output' surface were perfected we then have a version of an invisibility cloak, anything between the camera (input) and the large video screen (output) would not appear on the large screen and hence be 'invisible'. If the screen was 360 degrees and the camera was also (use a mirrored cone in front of the lens) then anything 'inside' the bank of screens would be 'invisible'. but only optically invisible. a millimetre wave radar equipped ground hugging missle would detect the large screen and ooops. Also if someone thought of shining a laser across that empty ground space out there if there were any material comprising a large video screen then there would be a change in the beam. The same beam passing through miles of air would not have the same characteristics as one which 'struck' the invisibility cloak. The cloak would likely not be able to send a simulacrum of the laser back because it couldnt muster that much output power. Maybe someone with a spare LRAD or two would set up an air based (rather than water based) sonar system and detect echoes coming back from the surface of the cloaking screen. A Tesla enthusiast might come up with a contraption that visualized magnetic variation in the Earth's field. Since all matter has some density that means that it varies the Earth's field. Perhaps in a characteristic way. An invisibility cloak/array would be visible to such a device. As far back as World War II attempts to usefully detect lines of magnetic force were used in the attempts to deal with submarines. One could put on a science-fiction writer's hat and speculate about these things for hundreds of pages. </end rumour> ;)

      If a Tesla level viewer exists now news of its existence would eventually become public, the effects of usage of such a device would escape all efforts at secrecy.

      Note 1:
      In the actual/real world were there to be any entity, biological or non-biological, which on its own, is actually (non-trivially) more intelligent than the typical human, then the mere use/occurrence/operation of its capability would become known (to the general world). This is outside any locale where it might be hidden/secreted etc. Ultimately the effect of use of intelligence (capability) of a superior magnitude will escape whatever clever secretness is marshalled to hide it. No 'leaks' or spies or such are needed.

      A 'singularity machine' could not remain hidden/secret. Since no one has heard of one existing (yet) this strongly suggests that none exist (yet). [R2D2 and Commander Data not withstanding.]

      Next episode we discuss how cam shafts and deliberation are related. (Remember the written discussions of Ada Augusta Byron and also of Charles Babbage (and George Boole)). [We also see a tidbit from Vannevar Bush.]
      In the sci-fi movie The Forbidden Planet (1956), Robby The Robot had six cam-shafts in the middle of 'his' 'face'. Whenever he was (depicted as) 'thinking' those cam shafts lit up, rotated and the followers went clickity-click. Note how the cams/followers in Babbage's actual schematics (below) also turned, clickity-click and that was meaningful in the computation/operation of his Analytical Engine. (FP is available in Blu-Ray (which, coincidently, is the same colour as the beam 'blasters' on each side of Robby's head)).

      (and some readers will remember that it was said that discussion of the cam and follower would be further continued. See the picture CSMP1 in Presenting Semantic Ontology Information Using Natural Language 9
      (http://www.open-meta.com/18701.html) ;)

      One of Babbage's actual schematics http://ed-thelen.org/bab/bab-t-166.jpg .
      Notice the cams.

      Hubert Dreyfus /
      What Computers Still Can't Do (A Critique of Artificial Reason)
      For the most recent edition of Dreyfus' classic book
      "a lengthy new introduction outlining [AI researchers] changes and assessing the paradigms of connectionism and neural networks that have transformed the field." (one might want to look at the work of Carl Pribram regarding neural systems.)

      Peter Singer /
      Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century

      John Koza (Genetic Algorithms) /
      Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection
      Genetic Programming II: Automatic Discovery of Reusable Programs
      Genetic Programming III: Darwinian Invention and Problem Solving
      Genetic Programming IV: Routine Human-Competitive Machine Intelligence

      John M. Stroud (The Fine Structure of Psychological Time (1955)) /

      David Dodds (coined term 'Cognitive Phlogiston')(coined term 'Mental Finessing')

      George A. Miller (The Magic Number Seven Plus or Minus Two) http://www.psych.utoronto.ca/users/peterson/psy430s2001/Miller%20GA%20Magical%20Seven%20Psych%20Review%201955.pdf

      Yes I know how to spell singularity.

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