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Re: Compiling Nightmare

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  • kenny
    ... included by ... I hope what you mean by Make clean. Make. in MSVC is the same thing as going to the Build menu, and selecting Clean , then selecting
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 21, 2002
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      --- In metamod@y..., Florian Zschocke <zschocke@g...> wrote:
      > kenny wrote:
      > >Now the problem that I am having is the same as this guy's:
      > >
      > >http://groups.yahoo.com/group/metamod/message/180
      > >
      > Make clean. Make.
      > If that doesn't help, make sure that the missing symbol gets
      included by
      > the linker.
      > Florian.

      I hope what you mean by 'Make clean. Make.' in MSVC is the same thing
      as going to the 'Build' menu, and selecting "Clean", then selecting
      "Build metamod.dll" after that. That still doesnt work (I tried this
      with the Debug & Release compile setup's also).

      And I'm not sure how to change settings in the Linker, I'm still
      learning C/C++ so I'd need a little bit more info on how this can be done.

      But, thanks again for your help.
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