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(Metalshapers): Re: New Trials Car

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    john bonnett ( gabbyhasbar ) has posted a new message titled Re: New Trials Car . Posted: Wed, Dec 1st, 2010 - 12:43AM That s very kind of you to say that but
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      john bonnett (gabbyhasbar) has posted a new message titled "Re: New Trials Car".

      Posted: Wed, Dec 1st, 2010 - 12:43AM

      That's very kind of you to say that but I am not a craftsman, just a novice. This is my first attempt at metal shaping and I have learnt everything I know from dear old Ron Fournier's excellent videos. I set myself two challenges when I reached 60, (I'm now 68); one was to be able to gas weld aluminium and the other to be fluent in french. I'm reasonably happy with the welding but french is proving a rather more difficult.

      We live in the UK so cannot comment on Texas Jack Rabbits!

      The car itself has been on the road now for just over a year and in that time we have covered 7000 miles and competed in three trials, visited France twice and made a 2000 mile round trip to the north of Scotland (the Isle of Skye)all very enjoyable.

      I'm hoping that my next project will be to build an aluminium bodied Sebring Austin Healey Sprite. I looking for a reasonably priced donor car.



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      Doug Steele ( shoe2 ) has posted a new message titled Re: New Trials Car . Posted: Sat, Dec 11th, 2010 - 12:0AM Mr. Bonnett; That s a very fine proven piece
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        Doug Steele (shoe2) has posted a new message titled "Re: New Trials Car".

        Posted: Sat, Dec 11th, 2010 - 12:0AM

        Mr. Bonnett;
        That's a very fine proven piece of work. How nice. Great trips through England and Scotland with reliable machinery proves a craftsman. Form, function, and style. Craftsmanship is practicing a craft, art, or trade according to Webster Dictionary here in America. You have done very well.
        Good golly; gas welding aluminumn for those size panels, I get four to eight inches before burning a hole, or hang up too long at getting more rod, and the weld gets hard and longer to restart! My projects are 1/8th scale. Pedal cars for kids. See the albums "Mighty Midget".
        Like the really exotic metals like Magnesium, Aluminum, Titanium just to "feel" how they work in my hands. Such is the hope with this craft.
        "Texas Jack Rabbits" is the size of Volkswagon Beetle cars with tall ears and run darn near as fast. The meat is lean and too tuff to eat regularly.
        Your "Trials" competions in the UK was written about by a unique fellow who participated in that sport in the 1930's. It was a most enjoyable read of a young mans life and times of youthful passions all for car(s), travel, and competitions. Seems like that is similar to your story.
        Them "Bug Eye" Sprite's here in the United States is all on the race track; don't believe one was ever seen one on the streets. Austin Healey is the only "Sebring" model I recall and to think their aluminum explains the price!
        Keep us updated on your projects and travels with them. Always consider age and wisdom makes a big difference on the outcome of "1st" projects. Them videos is great! Holes in the bucks is useful when needed. Fournier taught me too! I liked Detroit. The morning fog over Lake Champlain was really "COOL"!


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