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Re: [metalshapers] (Metalshapers): Bender, shear, and roller

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  • Rick Clark
    if you are contempating a rollcage build, the pipe benders aren t want you want.  - the are designed for thick walled black pipe and the thin walled
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2008
      if you are contempating a rollcage build, the "pipe benders" aren't want you want.
       - the are designed for thick walled "black pipe" and the thin walled tubing for a cage
         will not maintain a constant diameter required.
       - you want a manderal type bender, which maintains a constant dia thru the bend
      as for ring roller, I got one of these Speedway units from Hornier a while back when they were just $100, now $199    (the MFG label is gone.... but likely china built but better quality then Harbor Fright)

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      Subject: [metalshapers] (Metalshapers): Bender, shear, and roller
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      Jeff C (historyofwarfare) has posted a new message titled "Bender, shear, and roller".

      Posted: Wed, Aug 27th, 2008 - 11:44PM

      Any opinions on the pipe bending kit for 190$ and the throatless shear by woodward fab? The pipe bender comes in a case, some dies, and bolts or sticks in the vise. Nothing too big, one inch is the largest diameter. Building roll cages is not my cup of coffee. Lowbuck has a tube bender that is cad plated. What is it like? Where can I find a ring roller? Everything on the internet is built in a garage. I'd like to find one sold by a company, excluding harbor freight or anything made in china.


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