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RE: [Shadow] [metalshapers] looking for a source for contour gauges

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  • John Washbush
    Hey Guys . It s OK. Really. No Problem. Everyone has a little bit different view of what is and what isn t and you all are surely entitled to yours. So, it
    Message 1 of 33 , Mar 1, 2006
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      Hey Guys …


      It’s OK.  Really.  No Problem.


      Everyone has a little bit different view of what is and what isn’t and you all are surely entitled to yours.  So, it isn’t any problem.  It is more important for a person to be loyal to his own ideals whatever they happen to be.


      I also understand that some people play life very conservatively, and some play it with more abandon.  I tend to be a person who takes a calculated risk now and then figuring that it is more important to get something done than it is to be reluctant.  But, that is just me. 


      With respect to photocopying material and the subject of copyrights, I take a little less conservative view.  Having been a teacher, I found many, many times when I felt that it was for the benefit of my students that I interpret the idea of “protected use” with a little more leeway.  I saw, and still see, no harm in photocopying a newspaper or magazine article for use in the classroom. And, I see this situation as being essentially no different.  We are a professional organization, and we exist for the purpose of sharing expertise and knowledge.  Plus, our web site is not open to the general public, but is only accessible to members, and the information there is shared among them.  


      This article has already been distributed to the public in tens of thousands of copies.  Magazines clearly inform their advertisers that the benefit of advertising in a glossy enthusiast type magazine as opposed to television or radio, is that the magazine continues to stay in circulation and gets passed from person to person, thus increasing the effectiveness and lowering the cost of the advertisement.  The whole idea of the magazine is to be read and viewed by multiple readers and thus increase the efficiency of the advertising.  If any magazine ever needed proof of their own claim, it rests in the fact that this 1990 issue still does exist and is about to be passed on to someone else six years later!


      I also believe that the intent of copyright and distribution laws is to protect the intellectual rights of the author.  In my opinion, this means that you or I are prohibited from taking the work of another and claiming that this work as our own.  It prevents us from profiting from the sale of that work, or benefiting from it in some other way, when the profit or benefit rightfully should go to the original author.  So, I am prohibited from claiming that the idea of that tool was mine, or claiming that I created it, or using this article without giving credit to the author as part of a training program which I would eventually sell .  That would depriving the original author of benefit of what is rightfully his.  


      In my humble opinion, an article on how to customize a car, or how to make a tool to customize a car, originally published in a “How to Customize A Car Magazine”, and already distributed world wide, that is now resurrected six years later, included with similar and like material, on a web site that clearly states that all material there stays the property of the author, so it can be view by a select group professional people interested in the same subject, and who routinely share professional knowledge among themselves, all in accordance with the original intent of the magazine, the author and the advertisers, and without anyone profiting from it in any way, is hardly a threat to copyright laws.  


      And, even if someone at the magazine somehow actually learned that it was there, and that person wanted his magazine to look really foolish in front of a boat load of potential subscribers, and that person was even more conservative than some of our friends on this list, and lets say that some day he was feeling cranky and was having a really bad day besides, would not his first response be to say, “Hey, don’t do that anymore!”?


      So you see, I just can’t get all worked up over something like this.  For me, of all the things that I have to potentially get worried about, putting a copy of this magazine article in our file section is way down on my list.  And, even though I will still respect anyone’s decision not to do it, I probably would. 


      OK.  ‘Nuff said.  Coffee break is over.  Let’s get back to metalshaping business.


      John Washbush

      Milwaukee, WI





    • oldgoaly
      ... Stepping as in overlap joints? or for forming offset/raised areas? i have ones cut i think .080? joggling/overlaping the raising/offset is about 5/16 deep
      Message 33 of 33 , Mar 3, 2006
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        > Brian
        Stepping as in overlap joints? or for forming offset/raised areas?
        i have ones cut i think .080? joggling/overlaping
        the raising/offset is about 5/16" deep
        Hope this helps
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