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75119Re: [metalshapers] RE: machining a parabola

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  • mnlars20032
    Dec 18, 2013
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        Give  me  a  idea as to what  you are  makeing......Talking  to  a  old  guy   ..  pre  cnc...I  am  asumeing you  are  makeing  something  form  the  od  - outside  part....     we  would  make  a  pattern our part out  of  of  1/8  in  alum...and  mount  it  to  the  outside  of  the  ways  of  the  lathe....   with enough room  for  the  cross slide to   betwen  bed and still turn the cross slide by hand.,, ...........Then we ''''we  would  mount  a  peicce  of  3/8  flat  stock  off  the  cross  slide  to  hold  a  dile   indecator  on  a  magnetic  base..............using  the  feed  from  head stock  toward  the tail stock  you  could  fowel  the  patten   while  roughing  out  the  part...when  down  to  finish  size  you  set  the  indicator  on  0  and  keep  it  zeroed  on  the  patten while  cutting...........finish with  file  to  take  out  tool  marks....cutting  wood  or  steel   or  alum ?   Barry L
      In a message dated 12/18/2013 2:55:31 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, jojofleetfoot@... writes:

      Very much appreciated, but which tool(s) does one use to machine the curve once he has his desired curve shape?


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