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75118Re: [metalshapers] RE: machining a parabola

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  • Ries Niemi
    Dec 18, 2013
      need more info.
      A parabola is flat- that is, it is a 2 dimensional shape.
      So, taking your question literally, you could use a hacksaw, a bandsaw, a plasma cutter, a gas ax, a milling machine, drill a row of holes and file between em, or a nibbler. 

      However, it is my suspicion that you actually want to carve a 3 dimensional solid- like, for instance, a parabolic mirror.

      This can be done with a lot of old fashioned math, and a milling machine with a rotary table. 
      Most people who do this professionally, however, would use a cnc milling machine. 
      Depending on the size, the material, and the exact shape you want, you might be able to rough this out on a lathe, as well, then file, grind, or sand it true.

      How big?
      What material?
      what exact shape do you want? 

      A Parabolic solid could vary from almost flat, to virtually indistingushable from a hemisphere.


      On Dec 18, 2013, at 5:57 PM, <jojofleetfoot@...> <jojofleetfoot@...> wrote:


      Very much appreciated, but which tool(s) does one use to machine the curve once he has his desired curve shape?


      Ries Niemi
      Industrial Artist

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