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75113Re: [metalshapers] I could use a hand

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  • mnlars20032
    Dec 14, 2013
      If you  have a  welder.....and  a  carbide  tool  bit...welt  it  together  and  hang  it  out  the  backside  and  cur  the  od...then  use  it  to    face  the  part  iin  as  far  as  you  can  and  switch  over  to  a  regular   tool....  the  center  ..if  you need  to  bore  the id   you  might  have   trouble   and  need  to  go  to  the  mill .
      In a message dated 12/14/2013 8:09:32 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, keithmifflin@... writes:

      Well today I tried to turn and 11" by  1" think steel plate on my lathe and discovered while my swing may be a 12/13" the compound and cross feed just don't quite cut it (no pun intended).  What I have is a steel plate about 11" in diameter and 1" thick with a 2" hole cut in the middle (or about the middle it may be off 1/8" or so).

      I was able to chuck it up on that inside hole but just couldn't get enough crossfeed room to make the outside diameter cut or the facing.

      What I would like to do is to make a circumference cleaning cut/s and then surface both sides of the plate.  I'm planning on mounting a 3 jaw chuck to it and using it on my 10" rotary table.

      Can anyone help me out with this no real big hurry.


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