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75103Re: [metalshapers] I need some suggestions.

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    Nov 18, 2013
      On 11/17/2013 8:03 PM, bl55303@... wrote:
      > Do you know how to tig weld copper.........sounds like you could
      > fab the part and weld it together.
      > How many do we need? Could water jet cut the big sides and
      > use a tiping wheel to turn the sides.If you can have a 1/4
      > flange tiped side you could make a hamerform and do the
      > comlpleat letter. Then soder the sides to your letter....A picture
      > of what you are trying ti reproduce would be helpful...... Barry L

      My initial impulse IS to fab it up. This is tedious , but practical
      This curve is just a bit above eye level in a formal greenhouse attached
      to a 1920 mansion. Everything done on the place so far is with an eye to
      maintaining the visual integrity of the building. The old piece was a
      one piece item. The owner knows this. If possible I'd like to follow suite.

      The dimensions are still up in the air.
      The old one is about 3 inches wide and 2 high.
      The new skeletal structure is still being drawn up . I need to cover
      that so that it will look as if it is original.
      I have told them that I can not even come up with a final design until
      the structure is in place.

      Working from concept right now I can get some technique figured out.
      From plans I can refine the technique and get a good idea about
      materials. Given the vagaries of construction actual measurements will
      wait until I see the finished project. I did tell them that the closer
      they are to perfectly square joints and tolerances of 1/16th inch
      dimensionally the less it will cost to clad.
      There are a few thousand pieces total If I can deal with it as 20-30
      types of pieces rather than all "one of" pieces things will be much better.

      I know this can be done, as it was on the old one.
      After 45 years or so doing this type of thing, this one will raise the
      learning curve for me.
      The methods and bench tools used originally probably no longer exist, so
      there will be some wheels reinvented possibly.
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