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75101I need some suggestions.

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    Nov 17, 2013
      I "have" a job supposedly that I am wondering how to do.

      This thing involves several sections that pose a problem. I can do this
      in a one of scenario, but I will need forty or so replicas.

      1. material is light copper maximum 24 ounce down to possibly 16 ounce.
      2 Shape is a channel, one piece, approaching the shape of a capital Omega.
      3. This needs to be curved to about a 2 foot radius with the open part
      of the omega on the outside of the curve. Total length about 3 feet.
      4. This whole assembly will snap fit over a iron girder edge.

      The radiused pieces are the only ones giving me fits. The rest is either
      straight pieces or built up pieces.

      This is to replace an existing set of pieces made just as I described,
      so I know it can and has been done in some sort of production setting
      just shy of 100 years ago.

      The modern setup for making thousands of pieces would be some sort of
      roll former capable of going from flat stock to finished product making
      several bends shrinking and stretching as it went along.
      I am guessing that in 1920 the process involved several bench tools
      with custom dies and some cousin of a ring roller.

      Right now the job is waiting for new structural iron. When that is done
      I will be able to make actual measurements and be able to begin setting
      up to actually give budget numbers and time frame.
      The object is to make the new refurbished building look as much like the
      original as possible.

      Mike Graf
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