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Re: [metal-dev] XMI to Metastorage XML converter

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  • Manuel Lemos
    Hello, ... Since you were the files creator, you should see links for delete and cutting your files in the same listing lines. ... I am not sure about the
    Message 1 of 14 , Sep 28, 2004

      On 09/28/2004 07:32 PM, Peter Howard wrote:
      >>Unless you have a reason to upload it that way, you should be
      >>overwriting the previous files as they do not seem to be useful to
      >>anybody. In case you are wondering how to overwrite, just delete the
      >>versions first.
      > I'll have another look, but I couldn't see any way to delete the old
      > versions. Does it come up as an option if you try to upload over an
      > existing file? (I agree, there is no good reason to keep the older
      > version)

      Since you were the files creator, you should see links for delete and
      cutting your files in the same listing lines.

      >>1. First it gives me this error:
      >>xsltproc conv.xslt demo.xmi >demo.xml
      >>runtime error: file conv.xslt line 173 element value-of
      >>unregistered variable name
      >>xmlXPathCompiledEval: evaluation failed
      >>runtime error: file conv.xslt line 173 element value-of
      >>xsltValueOf: text copy failed
      >>no result for demo.xmi
      > That's to do with the "AssociationEnd" vs "AssociationEndRole" problem.

      I am not sure about the implications of that, so I trust you are making
      the right options.

      >>3. You seem to be also generating functions of type void like
      >>an_operation of ClassA. Currently Metastorage does not support custom
      > I don't fully understand what you're saying there. Can you elaborate?

      Metastorage class functions must specify a type that is not really the
      type of return value, but rather the type of operation that they
      perform: validate, persist, etc... Your XSL is mapping custom class
      operations defined in the UML diagram to functions of type void in
      Metastorage definition. There is no such type as void.

      Maybe in the future Metastorage will allow some kind of integration of
      custom functions defined by the developer in the class definitions but
      these are not yet supported now.

      > OK. You didn't respond to my comment about <id> tags within the <class>
      > tag within a <variable> tag.

      Ah, I forgot that.

      The class tag of reference variables is not supposed to have an id tag
      there. The variable itself may have an id. The specified class
      definition may also have its id, but the class tag should only have the
      name of the class of object referenced by that class.

      I don't know what is the meaning of that id that you are including in
      the class tag of the reference variables definition.


      Manuel Lemos

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