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FW: ~ Monique ~

How are you? ~ Monique ~
~ Monique ~
Jun 16, 2013

Full Course 13 : Title Undecided...

I'd wanted to finish this by Thanksgiving, but as usual, stuff got in the way. ^_^ I thought about holding on to this until Christmas, but that just seemed
Dec 13, 2011

Re: Spotted 18: Recovering!

YES!!!!!!!! I was so excited about this! I re-read the whole thing over the past couple of days. I know you are a very busy person, so thank you very much
Nov 11, 2011

Spotted 18: Recovering!

Blah, I know it's been forever. And my websites have been stagnant and cold. One even disappeared for a while (the one with the racier stuff on it). But that's
Nov 3, 2011

(no subject)

Y'know... the other site I go to for the more... adult fics has been shut off. Will it always be like that now?
Nov 3, 2011

Re: Spotted Chapter 17: Scheduling!

This is still and probably always will be one of my favorite stories, but it may not be so anymore if you don't update it! So pretty please with whatever you
Mar 24, 2011

Discoveries Chapter 28 Never-Ending Afternoon (pt 2)

Woops! The chapter was too long for Yahoo Groups to handle so it cut off part of it. Here's the rest! ... Most of the girls were clustered around the jewelry
Mar 5, 2011

Discoveries Chapter 28 Never-Ending Afternoon

Hey all! This chapter is super long, clocking in at over 60 pages. This is actually the third version of this chapter I wrote. I originally was about 20 pages
Mar 5, 2011

Re: Full Course Chapter 12: Reflection

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I was re-reading your stories after finding nothing good these days!!! finding this email i was ecstatic and squealing like a piggy with
chimee lhamo
Oct 21, 2010

Re: Full Course Chapter 12: Reflection

Oh my GOSH! You can not imagine how thrilled I was to check my e-mail and see a new chapter to Full Course!! This is one of my FAVORITE fan fictions, in fact I
Angela P
Oct 21, 2010

Full Course Chapter 12: Reflection

AN: So much has happened! All my fanfiction fell to the wayside because I just had no time to write. I used to write on my breaks at work, and email myself
Oct 20, 2010

story search and challenge

hi everyone i found a story based on drgnmstrs sorting abuse challenge, and while i loved it i couldnt find very many more so if anybody knows more stories
Sep 19, 2010

Re: FanFic Updates?

Those were my two favorite fic's as well. :)
Angela P
Jul 15, 2010

Re: Status Update...?

Also so glad to hear that Merrow is doing well...as well! I have a feeling that with the release of the new Viridian collection of Fruits Basket on DVD, a lot
Apr 30, 2010

Re: Status Update...?

Glad to hear you and Merrow are alive and well, if busy...I hope I didn't come across as digging for fic or anything! *lol* I really was just wondering if
~ Monique ~
Apr 27, 2010
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