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Are We All Mentaly Ill Now? FREE detate Wednesday, 19 February, 6pm

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  • Rosemary Moore
    Are We All Mentally Ill Now? FREE debate at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, Wednesday, 19 February, 6pm, chaired by Dr Raj Persaud This is 19th of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2003
      "Are We All Mentally Ill Now?"
      FREE debate at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, Wednesday, 19 February,
      6pm, chaired by Dr Raj Persaud
      This is 19th of the Maudsley Debates which, this time, will be jointly
      organised with the Spiked online website.

      Debate starts at 6pm. Free refreshments available from 5.30pm
      Venue: Wolfson Lecture Theatre, Institute of Psychiatry, De Crespigny Park,
      London SE5 8AF.
      Travel information on Institute of Psychiatry website
      Email: maudsley.debates@...
      Telephone: 020 7848 0787
      Taperecordings of full debate available for £20 from the Media Support Unit
      Email: msu@...

      (Are We All Mentally Ill Now?)
      This house believes that the problems of everyday life are being

      RAJ PERSAUD, Consultant Psychiatrist, Bethlem Royal & Maudsley Hospitals.

      Supporting the motion:
      East London GP and author of "The Tyranny of Health: Doctors & the
      Regulation of Lifestyle"
      and Spiked online columnist www.spiked-online.com
      Professor of Community Psychiatry, Imperial College London

      Opposing the motion:
      RICHARD BROOK, Chief Executive of MIND, The Mental Health Charity.
      THEO BLACKWELL, Policy Specialist, The Work Foundation

      Letter advertising debate from Professor Robin M Murray, Institute of
      "Dear Colleague/Friend
      19th Maudsley Debate - Wednesday 19th February
      Are we all mentally ill now? This house believes that the problems of
      everyday life are being over-medicalised
      On Wednesday 19 February 2003, the online publication spiked
      (www.spiked-online.com) and the Institute of Psychiatry are organising a
      debate entitled 'Are we all mentally ill now?'
      The motion 'This house believes that the problems of everyday life are being
      over-medicalised' will be proposed by Dr Michael Fitzpatrick (spiked health
      columnist and author of 'The Tyranny of Health: Doctors and the Regulation
      of Lifestyle') and Peter Tyrer (professor of community psychiatry, Imperial
      College London); and opposed by Richard Brook (chief executive, Mind) and
      Theo Blackwell (policy specialist, the Work Foundation). The debate will be
      chaired by Dr Raj Persaud (Consultant Psychiatrist, Bethlem Royal and
      Maudsley Hospitals).
      Dr Michael Fitzpatrick said: 'The inflation of psychiatric diagnoses means
      we are redefining human experience and behaviour in terms of disease. The
      tendency to apply disease labels to ever-wider sections of the population
      reflects a profound demoralisation of society. It diminishes the autonomy of
      the individual while enhancing the power of the therapeutic state and its
      Richard Brook said: 'Sadly, people's experiences remain disjointed both
      from the public perception of what is a mental health problem, and the
      perception of the medical profession. Rather than the current focus on
      trying to define the problem, we should be listening to the expert - the
      actual person with a mental health issue in their lives.'
      We hope you will be able to join us at The Wolfson Lecture Theatre,
      Institute of Psychiatry at 6.00pm on the 19th of February for what promises
      to be an interesting and lively debate.
      Yours sincerely,
      Robin M Murray
      Professor of Psychiatry
      NB. If you would prefer to receive future debates information by e-mail,
      contact Carole Dockett at <c.docket@..."
      (End of letter from Professor Robin M Murray)

      The previous (18th) Maudsley Debate - on the existence or otherwise of
      schizophrenia was held on 29 January. Many people, including me, were
      turned away at the door as so many turned up for that one. The debate ended
      in a "tie" of 97 votes to each side. Professor Robin Murray, who chaired
      the debate, declined to make a casting vote. Dr Persaud did not speak in the
      debate or from the floor but told me that he had voted "for" - so at least
      HE has an opinion he's prepared to share! A taperecording of the debate can
      be obtained from the Media Support Unit (see information above) and two
      reports of the debate from people who attended, Bob Axford and Dr Jonathan
      Bindman (JB also spoke from the floor at the debate) can be found by going
      to my message on the mentalmagazine Yahoo! board -
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mentalmagazine/message/2164 , which also gives
      a link to the message advertising the debate.

      (See also message http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mentalmagazine/message/2161
      for details of a FREE lecture/debate being held TODAY, 17 February, at the
      Royal Society of Arts in London http://www.thersa.org/ on How Psychology Has
      Failed, chaired by Oliver James. This can be heard online and email
      contributions taken. Transcripts are available later. I'm going to this, as
      are Bill Collins and David Tombs whose contributions from the floor can be
      heard on the audiotape of the schizophrenia debate.)

      posted by rosemary
      Surrey UK
      "Campaigning for good health & social care...it's for everyone"
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