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"Rights Now" lobby of Parliament - Tueday 10 December

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  • Rosemary Moore
    Lobby of Parliament on rights for disabled people Tuesday, 10 December. See messages with full details below from the Rights Now campaign. PLEASE ALSO NOTE
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2002
      Lobby of Parliament on rights for disabled people
      Tuesday, 10 December. See messages with full details below from the
      "Rights Now" campaign.

      PLEASE ALSO NOTE message also below from the Direct Action Network (DAN)
      stating its position with regard to the lobby which it does not support
      unconditionally because of the failure of charities within the "Rights Now"
      umbrella to appropriately reflect the views of the people they are
      representing. Named particularly are SCOPE, MENCAP, MIND, RNIB, RNID and

      DAN has mounted a particular campaign recently against the Leonard Cheshire
      Foundation to which I drew attention in my message
      about the abuse of a woman in a home in Omaha.
      In that message I incorrectly stated that DAN was a full part of the "Rights
      Now" campaign,
      which is corrected in the message below.

      I understand that "Rights Now" is a campaigning umbrella of 70
      organisations. The problems with this seem the same as with the Mental
      Health Alliance of some 54 organisations. And of course many of the
      organisations are part of both umbrella groups.

      Personally, I fully agree with the points made by DAN and would like to see
      these campaigning umbrella groups disbanded.
      I'd also like to see far fewer charities (independent businesses) which are
      duplicating and competing with each other.
      Most of the energy of these charities is taken up with the survival and
      promotion of the organisation and many are in direct competition with each
      other for funding and provision of services. Worst of all, they are
      As Clair says below "We don't need them - they are part of the problem"!

      Surrey UK
      "Campaigning for good health & social care...it's for everyone"

      Message from "Rights Now" campaign:
      Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 11:17 AM

      December 10th - MASS LOBBY - Westminster Hall, House of Commons, London SWI
      2-4.00 p.m.

      Do not miss this opportunity to show the government what you think about
      their ignoring of their own manifesto agreement to full and comprehensive
      civil rights
      and the recommendations of the Disability Rights Task Force.

      In particular we want:
      a.. a new definition of disability
      b.. no justifications for discrimination
      c.. recognition of disablism
      d.. early end-dates for fully accessible transportation
      e.. ability of the DRC to take cases under the Human Rights Act
      f.. non-discrimination in healthcare
      g.. an end to eugenic thinking and policy in genetics.
      Above all we need to be taken seriously as citizens, voters and human

      It is more important than ever that we let the government know what we
      think. They believe we love them and are grateful for what they are not
      doing. Let us give them some idea how we feel.

      You will be able to issue a green card to speak to your local MP and to
      hear Maria Eagle, Lord Ashley, Roger Berry, Tim Boswell and Paul Holmes

      Sign Language interpreters are available and information in Braille and
      large print. You will be in the warm and dry - so don't be beaten by the

      Look forward to seeing you all there. (More information in earlier
      message - below)

      Rachel Hurst
      Rights Now
      c/o DAA
      11 Belgrave Road,
      London SW1V 1RB
      Tel: +44 (0)20 7834 0477
      Fax: +44 (0)20 7821 9539
      Email: admin@...

      MESSAGE FROM "RIGHTS NOW" 23 November 2002

      Dear Friends - I do hope December 10 from 2 -4.00 is ringed round in red in
      your diaries - the date and time of our mass lobby in the Westminster Hall
      at the House of Commons.

      Please encourage as many disabled people and allies to come as possible.

      If you would like to be a steward on the day, would you please contact me as
      soon as possible.

      As usual, those who can use stairs will enter via St. Stephen's entrance.
      Others go straight into the Hall via the main gates. There is a new
      security system in operation so it may take a little longer. There is NO
      parking but people can be dropped off, as long as the vehicle has a yellow
      or blue badge. Large buses will have to drop off in the street outside the
      main gates.

      There will be portaloos, but there is now a new accessible loo that you can
      get to directly from Westminster Hall, as well as a new public cafe.

      There will be sign language interpreters and information available in
      braille and large print.

      This is a great opportunity to show the Government how dissatisfied we are
      with their progress on implementing their manifesto pledge of full and
      comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation and to promote our Rights and
      Freedoms Bill - showing what it is we want.

      Speeches will be from 3.00 -3.30. Green cards will be available from 2.30.

      Photography is not allowed in the Hall - but you can always take pictures
      out on the pavement and distribute our leaflets when you go.

      Please pass this message on to your members and your friends. Let us fill
      that hall to overflowing.

      Rachel Hurst
      Rights Now
      c/o DAA
      11 Belgrave Road,
      London SW1V 1RB
      Tel: +44 (0)20 7834 0477
      Fax: +44 (0)20 7821 9539
      Email: admin@...

      10 December 2002

      Mon Dec 2, 2002 4:19 pm
      Subject: Abuse of Disabled Woman in Nursing Home (Omaha)
      In the UK, we also have very serious problems of abuse in care homes for the
      disabled and elderly. The Disability Action Network (DAN) is campaigning
      vigorously against abuses in the Leonard Cheshire Homes and will be lobbying
      Parliament on this and other disablity issues on 10 December. The DAN Yahoo!
      board can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/danmail

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      From: <danner@...>
      To: <rosemary.moore@...>
      Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2002 11:29 AM
      Subject: Re: [danmail] Abuse of Disabled Woman in Nursing Home (Omaha)

      Rosemary, you have made a mistake.

      As per discussions on danmail over the last week and at our
      national meeting - DAN does NOT support the "Rights Now"
      campaign, though we have been fighting for a Freedom bill for
      a long time. Please clarify this. You do not need to repost this
      on danmail as a notice has already been issued and it's been

      Regarding 10th Dec lobby: DAN has decided NOT to
      unconditionally support the lobby as is - any danners
      there are likely to be there to give information to any people
      interested in DAN and discussing how disabled people can
      boot unrepresentative charities out of the campaign, or it's a
      waste of effort and we'll just get another DDA with a new name,
      with the charities in charge of provision of our rights!

      We issue action notices which you can forward when we are
      taking action and are always interested in meeting other disabled
      people who want to lead our own campaigns without the likes
      of those in "Rights Now" (SCOPE, MENCAP, MIND, RNIB,
      RNID an RADAR) on our backs. Disabled people speak/sign for
      ourselves. We want to see our own network of organisations
      run and controlled by disabled people (those in the British
      Council of DIsabled People - BCODP) in control of any such Bill.

      Until the charities are booted out of Rights Now or the rest of us
      reform without them, we don't need them they are part of the

      Action notices issued on our email group ( join by sending
      a message to danmail-subscribe@yahoogroups.com )
      also in the campaigns section of this website:

      Free our people! Disabled speak/sign !

      clair danner@... .
      danmail co-moderator

      Disabled people's Direct Action Network (UK)
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