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Sneakernet Plans - February 2010

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  • ricardoolpc
    This is a copy of an email I sent to the users of the Sneakernet Trial in Kenya (now extended to Denmark and the internet)... Dear Sneakernet Users I m sorry
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      This is a copy of an email I sent to the users of the Sneakernet Trial in Kenya (now extended to Denmark and the internet)...

      Dear Sneakernet Users

      I'm sorry I've not been in touch for a while. Here's a copy (attached) of our updated Sneakernet plan/procedure, Draft v0.2.

      As you may know, Ken Owino is in Denmark for at least a few months. Tom Ochuka has agreed to take over Ken Owino's previous role as Kenya Sneakernet co-ordinator. Tom in Ahero will be the new centre of the Kenyan Sneakernet, not Nairobi. Any user's in Nairobi can send files to/from Tom in Ahero, just like users in any other town.

      Previously, not many people were interested in using the sneakernet to send files, because there was no link to the fast-internet overseas. What we are planning to do is try a regular sneakernet file-transfer service on re-writeable DVD disks between Tom Ochuka in Ahero, Kenya, and Ken Owino in Denmark. Ken has 3G access to the internet, so he can link the Sneakernet to the rest of the world via the internet. Ken can pass files on/recive files to/from other friends in other countries via the broadband internet (me in the UK, Andrius in Lithuania, Maria in Italy, Sasha in Serbia, etc). That allows anyone on the sneakernet to send/recieve large files (videos/photos etc) at low cost.

      We plan to test the Kenya-Denmark link for a few weeks first, before we allow other sneakernet users in Kenya to send files to/from Tom Ochuka. Even during the initial test, it will allow Tom and Deaf Impact members to send/receive videos/photos/etc to Europe/USA.

      When the full Sneakernet is working again, it will allow sneakernet users in Kenya to send/receive large files to Tom in Ahero on flash-drive by post.Then Tom can send them on disk to Ken in Denmark and he can pass them on to the real destination/recipient via the internet/email-attachment. You can, of course, receive large files from friends in the opposite direction.

      We plan to limit the test to just video files and zipped sets of photos for a start, so that Ken Owino doesn't have to spend hours finding information/articles/program-files etc for people on the internet. Ken is just acting as a postal-sorter, passing files on to other people.

      Later, if users in Kenya need information/files from the internet, we can try to find volunteers with a home-PC and broadband, to get the files from the internet and send them via Ken to the user. Ken doesn't need to do that work himself. The volunteer could be anywhere on the internet with broadband (UK, USA, Lithuania, Serbia, etc).

      The online volunteers can also handle requests to upload photos/videos/etc onto the internet. For example, posting videos on YouTube or uploading photos to Flickr.com

      Have a nice day.

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