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Memories of Dar Visit!!!!!

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  • samkongere2004
    Dear All in MS working groups, It is pleasure to share with you this serious note of what we intended to do in Tanzania. Our network group in Dar es salaam
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2006
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      Dear All in MS working groups,

      It is pleasure to share with you this serious note of what we
      intended to do in Tanzania. Our network group in Dar es salaam known
      in a simple term UYOGA (Mushroom) had a last meeting with me, before I
      left, to plan for their would be activities for five months. We are
      all looking forward to see Uyoga succeed in their endeavors as they
      need to prosper as an excellent youth group without going the short
      cuts which is usually our way operation.

      The steering committee in place promised me commitment and we are
      looking to see how cohesive they are with my support as coordinator
      and Maria Agnese Giraudo as collaborator. Information communication
      talks for isolated youths and not reached in terms of poor
      infrastructure. The community will make an undertaking to contribute
      towards the project in terms of unskilled labor and local materials.
      They will also be fully in charge of all future operation,
      sustainability and maintenance.

      We have formed a two person partnership with Maria Agnese as my
      partner through Holistic helping and learning from each other. I
      always owe my gratitude to Janet and Andrius for working with me in
      Miniciu Sodas Lab. As one of East African network coordinators in MS,
      well while in Tanzania I met our strongman Ibrahim Halkano
      also from Kenya, Amon Mkonga dramontz2002@... working with
      chief promotions in Dar es salaam. They were willing to help Uyoga
      members where they can.

      Discussing with the two gave some hints which makes it difficult for
      youths in Tanzania to succeed, as no capacity building, lacking
      experience to write report, information for grant application, they
      work independently (no consolidated efforts) , Donor support-minimal
      and very variable and many more.

      We therefore need people who can point for them the right direction. I
      call upon our working groups and infact those working towards building
      Community ICTs through capacity building and training in ICT to focus
      on helping the Uyoga team by partnering and creating collaboration
      atmosphere. We at Udogo youth development group (Kenya) will
      collaborate with them on coalition building, exchange of volunteers
      and visiting the two communities in exchange for exposure.

      Lastly, I thank Leonard Boniface for his encouragement and
      connections. I am hopeful that with him on the limelight the infant
      group will get to crawl up. I also wish to thank entire team for being
      beneficial to us in East Africa; we dearly need the support of David
      Mutua who has joined Learning from each other as an experienced
      community ICT implementer in Nigeria. Hopefully OVF can go ahead to
      connect with us in Udogo and Uyoga.

      Happy Partnership,
      Maria & Samwel Holisting helping.
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