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  • chris macrae
    chris macrae has sent you an interactive Zaplet about which aspects of innovation would you like to benchmark? . Based on the email software you are using,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2001
      Poll Zaplet: which aspects of innovation would you like to benchmark?
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        (Forwarded from) chris macrae:  
        ( 4/25/01 9:54 EDT )
        (Original Author) chris macrae writes: Thanks if you can help me pilot this as a profiling questionniare intended to match people who want to benchmark similar innovation challenges. As important as making a vote against all innovation areas important to you, are any comments you have on making vocabulary more common, or any omissions on the vote list. Because of Zaplet's software, I've had to give short labels for the voting choices whose full descriptions are:

      BUSINESS MODEL:innovation of business model (eg Gary Hamel's research)

      BOARDROOM INVESTMENTS innovation of value-driven : align boardroom ionvestments to innovation and company's unique vision; banish defensive investments;

      CHANGE FLEXIBITY: process of detecting future change scenarios whole organisation must enjoy
      changing around

      DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: innovation of digital processes most fundamental to leadership of your industry (and connecting to real human ones)

      CULTURE: innovation in terms of identifying with new (knowledge-age) organising values (openness, hyperarchy...)

      ACTION COMMUNITY: innovation which fosters multidisciplinary communities of practice

      WORLD CLASS R&D: innovation of R&D product networks

      CUSTOMER CLUED: innovation of processes in which we involve/converse fully with best

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