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  • chris macrae
    A message from the forwarder: HI THIS IS A PILOT! Meaning if your time permits both your votes and suggestions for changes to poll entries (for next time)
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2001
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        (Forwarded from) chris macrae:  HI
      THIS IS A PILOT! Meaning if your time permits both your votes and suggestions for changes to poll entries (for next time) are very welcome

        ( 4/19/01 1:57 EDT )
        (Original Author) chris macrae writes: Communal Value Exchange (VE) Business Models

      -which of these VE game rules would you prioritise assuming you want to steward a 21st C "built to last" business , ie one that grows over time in the evolving transparency and
      connectivity of our internetworking world?

      Jargon : Communal Value Exchange are those designed to include the value needs of all stakeholders: end-consumers, prospective consumers, employees, business partners (including suppliers and customer channels),. investors, consumer agents, societies where your business has special roots, anyone whose loyalty the business needs to thrive ...

      Because of the zaplet's format, I am using the following abbreviated labels in the polling choices. Vote for as many as you'd believe in using

      -LION's SHARE: prioritise one stakeholder's wants over and above others (comment which)

      -WIN-WIN PAIRINGS: ensure that EVERY stakeholder "win" is connected positively to at least one other stakeholder's "win" - eg great customer service can be win-win for employee and customer)

      -NO PROFITING FROM IGNORANCE: relentlessly ask: are we making most profit out of stakeholder segments who are most ignorant about choices etc available to them?; if so, redesign business model as soon as practical

      -COMMUNITY LEADER: accept that some of the more profitable interactions within your community may be between stakeholders who directly relate with each other without you taking a cut on every transaction. Recognise that this acceptance is essential if yours is a network-business model seeking to build the worldwide standard

      - NON-MONETARY VALUES COUNT: Find a way to include all non-monetary values that stakeholders enjoy in the overall evaluation of your wealth creation's performance

      -SHORT-TERM TRANSPARENCY : inform openly about short-term wins allocated to any stakeholder in a way enabling other stakeholders to understand that you are still prioritising their medium-term needs and their relationship importance to you

      -RIGHT SIDE UP MARKETING Assume that you are currently guilty of a value delivery bias against end-consumers unless you can come up with the proof that you are not (reason many CEOs report that marketing has become more costly every year of the last 2 decades -source Alan Mitchell's Right Side Up research and book) . Work out how to change any such bias just before any competitor does.

      - NETWORKING VALUE NOT COST Take leadership responsibility for a whole industry's application of " value in, cost out:". eg this means defining efficiency not in terms of individual business units but the totality of 20/30 business units that often make up the whole of the value offer

      -SIMPLIFY CORE COMPETENCES Be ruthless at which core competences you and your partners need to best in world at; encourage partners to complain where they think your competence isn't ,and to eagerly act on your complaints where you think there's isn't

      - VIP SEGMENTS If your business model makes it sensible to deliver premium value to segments within particular stakeholder types, make it clear that you organise around doing this and what a stakeholder needs to do to gain eligibility to premium value

      - DYNAMIC VALUE MATRIX : Map out how value flows work between stakeholders in a way that :
      1)can be made open book on your intranet; 2) encourages employee discussion about the dynamics of the system; 3) enables people to picture where activities in their charge overlay on the value matrix; 4 also builds increasing knowledge of how activities interact
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