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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2001
      Poll Zaplet: Which aspects of brand organisation would you like to benchmark?
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        (Forwarded from) chris macrae:  
        ( 4/16/01 9:56 EDT )
        (Original Author) chris macrae writes: Advance thanks to all who return this survey - a pilot for a profiling questionnaire intended to match people who want to benchmark similar brand organisation challenges. As well as making votes for all areas of branding that are important to you, I'd hugely value comments you have on making vocabulary more common, or any omissions on the vote list. Because of Zaplet's format, I've had to give short labels for the voting choices whose full descriptions are:
      IDENTIFYING ESSENCE- Essence concerns tools for clearly focusing brand on an Unique Organising Purpose; identifier system is an audit of every way people identify with the brand and its history- do these ways holistically confirm the essence?
      MASTERBRIEFING: Tools for integrating communications and agency briefs, including mass and 1:1, internet and traditional media
      BRAND ARCHITECTURE: all the brands a company has invested in analysed for linkages with each other , and fit with any other strategic investments company makes
      ORGANISING TO SERVE GLOCAL CULTURES - consumers want both the world's best and lifestyle empathy with their local culture - how can your brand be stewarded to deliver the best of both world's?
      ACTIONING "VALUE IN COST OUT" -in transparent globally connected markets, processes committed to this provide the strongest way to compete ( eg the opposite of defensive marketing)
      LIVING THE BRAND : through every person who serves it (frameworks (eg chartering) exist for encouraging employee and brand alignment, and/or open sourcing brand participation)
      EARNING COMMUNAL TRUST: eg methods which create win-win between stakeholders, and/or distribute the value a company creates fairly
      INTRANETTING BRAND KNOWLEDGE - towards making the brand the core of your knowledge management system
      BRAND & BUSINESS MODEL - measurements tracking health and growth of the brand and business model
      CHARACTER SCRIPTS : tools which energise human emotions geared to shaping the future and prioritising "do now" improvements or changes
      BRAND M&A: how the brand should come into due diligence in M&A and major joint ventures
      AWARENESS & CONVERSION: ways to support the brand to address these challenges, particularly with new brands

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