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Urgent, please support the FairTax in the Glen Beck poll

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  • fairtaxnow@aol.com
    FairTaxers: There is a new poll up at: _http://912project.com/_ (http://912project.com/) . It is Glenn Beck s group (now numbering over 400,000 people).
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2009
      There is a new poll up at: http://912project.com/.  It is Glenn Beck's group (now numbering over 400,000 people).  They want the top ten issues that his group should fight for.  fairtaxers need to storm this poll!  Currently, it is tied with the flat tax at 1%.  In order, to raise our number compared to other issues, it is probably best to vote for VERY few issues on the list.  Otherwise, they might beat the FairTax out for a spot in the Top Ten.
      Please share this site with your lists.
      John Putnam
      SD - MO FairTax

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