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The Quickening Solar Ascension The Rapture

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  • debralawson999
    The Quickening Solar Ascension The Rapture By Gary Smith The Quickening that started in April, 2002 indicates The Harvest is near, most likely in 6 months,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2002
      The Quickening
      Solar Ascension
      The Rapture
      By Gary Smith

      "The Quickening" that started in April, 2002 indicates "The Harvest"
      is near, most likely in 6 months, but as always the overall levels of
      human consciousness will be the final decision maker on when the
      event occurs. However, it appears the "Solar Ascension" of our solar
      system is now quickly approaching.

      "Solar Ascension" is the name for the full process of a dimensional
      shift. "The Rapture" is a term that applies only to a portion of a
      full dimensional shift. "The Rapture" which fundamentalist Christians
      have long awaited will be a big surprise to them, for the Rapture is
      much different than anything described by the historians and writers
      of the Roman Universal, (Catholic), Church. However, understand the
      entire process of a Solar Ascension is a wondrous graduation time
      for "those who are ready".

      "Those who are ready" are the people who spent a portion of their
      lives preparing for this magnificent event. It matters not whose
      family they are in, nor what they do for a living, nor where they
      live, nor what they eat and not what they drink/smoke or whatever
      activities these people have enjoyed with consenting adults.

      Those who are ready are people who have been spiritually helping
      themselves and others for years. They may have been using a different
      spiritual path, or they may be in an "organized religion", it matters
      only that they used their time wisely on spiritual pursuits, because
      all spiritual/religious paths lead to God. It does matter that they
      spent a portion of their lives helping others. It does matter that
      they chose wisely, expending time helping others, just for the
      opportunity to help others. Those who are ready have followed a
      spiritual path of service to others, but not for personal recognition
      or monetary gain, political influence, etc. They helped others
      because this is what a service to others oriented spiritual person

      Those who are not ready are the ones that spent most of their life
      indulging their every desire with little or no thought toward helping
      others beyond an occasional tax deductible contribution at year end.
      The ones who went to spiritual gatherings for social reasons, ones
      who didn't have time for daily meditation and prayer. Those who are
      not ready will wait for the next Ascension opportunity. They will
      wait in our solar system for the new planets to coalesce and form in
      this area of space after our Solar Ascension.

      Our Solar Ascension will soon occur and when it does the sun of our
      solar system will go nova. Our sun is a 10th dimensional solar "Sun
      of God" group consciousness who is Ascending to become an 11th
      dimensional Galactic Central "Sun of God". All 2nd through 9th
      dimensional levels also have the opportunity for Ascension at this
      time. Those who are ready, will Ascend. Those who might be ready to
      Ascend, will be given an opportunity to Ascend by going through "The

      "The Rapture" is a transitional testing period for "those who might
      be ready". The Rapture is the part of the dimensional shift process
      designed to test the abilities of those people whose levels of
      consciousness are of a borderline size for graduation/harvesting. In
      the 4th dimension one has to have a consciousness energy field that
      is large enough to manifest all their needs, and yet be completely
      stable throughout all of their expanded mental and emotional energy
      fields of consciousness, so when they are faced with unknown
      situations under stressful conditions, they do not cause trouble for

      Thus, those who are ready, Ascend directly into the 4th dimension of
      Heaven and Paradise. Those who might be ready and who are to be
      tested, will go through "The Rapture". These are two separate events.
      In Ascension, one goes direct to the Heaven/Paradise of the 4th
      dimension. In "The Rapture", one goes through a testing process to
      determine whether the individual will be allowed into the 4th
      dimension of Heaven and Paradise now or whether they must wait for a
      new body to materialize in a few billion years.

      Those who are not ready for Ascension at this time, will sleep
      through the billions of years that will be necessary for this area of
      space to produce new solar systems with new 10th dimensional "Suns of
      God". The new solar systems which form in this area of space will be
      from the group consciousnesses who Ascended from the 9th dimensional
      planets that were in our former solar system. After a few billion
      years, those who were not ready will awaken from their sleep to find
      a new planet Earth, looking very similar to the old planet Earth. The
      remaining people will have no memory of those who Ascended. They will
      find themselves in new bodies and will start living their lives at
      the same place they left off billions of years earlier. They will not
      have any recollection or knowledge of time passing, or even that
      the "Ascended Ones" left. They will go through all the experiences
      which they enjoy in the 3rd dimension and be able to make their
      choices once again. The choice to spend time expanding their
      consciousness with Unconditional Love to the size necessary for
      Ascension into the Heaven/Paradise of the 4th dimension, or whether
      once again to continue living the constant "soap operas" of life that
      occur in the 3rd dimension.

      Unconditional Love is a state of consciousness used by all
      practitioners of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques to activate their
      spiritual energy fields into Merkabas. This process enables them to
      receive Golden Flower of Life Spheres from God in an "unceasing
      prayer", also called "unceasing meditation or Mahasamadhi", 24 hours
      a day. Additional information on the Sacred Merkaba Techniques is
      available at numerous lectures and/or workshops being given by
      certified teachers. The Sacred Merkaba Techniques are now available
      throughout the world. The knowledge of Creation, Ascension and
      duality, will be disclosed in the 2002 Adept Intensives, see our
      website www.merkaba.org for details.

      We need help in spreading the Love and the Light about the Sacred
      Merkaba Techniques. We have 2 page informative flyers, of which this
      article is one. Please distribute to others, 9 copies, (real paper
      copies – grin), of any flyer below and we will be pleased to email
      that information to you.

      · Ascending Beyond Enlightenment
      · Unconditional Love, The Full Description
      · Going Beyond Reiki, with Dr Usui's Approval
      · Karma, What It Is &Why We Have It and How to Easily Remove It
      · Shiva and Krishna, The Ascension of the Blue Race
      · Melchizedeks, Who They Are, What They Do
      · Consciousness Grids, What They Are, How They Help
      · Marijuana, Alcohol and Ascension
      · Knights Templar, Who They Were, What They Did
      · Jesus Christ, The Real Story, Not the "Q" Version
      · Celibacy, An Ancient Roman Fear and Control Method

      Please select the flyer(s) you are interested in and notify us that
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      A listing of worldwide teachers, upcoming workshops, additional
      information on and people's experiences with the activations of their
      spiritual energy fields into Merkabas is on our website at
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