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yoga with Freyja Re: Sahaja Samadhi

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  • Nina
    F Hi Nina ... Hello, and thanks for sharing, Freyja. N I ve commented about this aspect to my teacher. ... Right.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 4, 2003
      F > Hi Nina
      > I very much enjoyed reading this,
      > and it moved me to share with you.

      Hello, and thanks for sharing, Freyja.

      N <<Who knows why it is so that I can
      > tell someone 100 times to press the
      > ball mount of their big toe firmly
      > into the ground to get better balance
      > and they finally hear it the 101th
      > time through, exclaiming, at that
      > time, oh!, as if it were a brand
      > new piece of information.>>

      F > I've commented about this aspect to my teacher.
      > How i know i've heard him say something
      > many times but i was focusing on something else,
      > so it didnt mean anything to me at that time....but then
      > perhaps the next day when he says it and it 'clicks', and there
      > is an automatic movement in my body at that location--because
      > that is where the body wants to go in that moment....
      > that is where something is going on that wants to
      > adjust or balance or move or expand or melt....

      Right. It seems we are not linear in how our bodies store up
      information waiting for connections to be made. It seems we work from
      all directions towards that center where the connection, or the a-
      ha!, is made.

      Thanks for the description of your class and teacher's methods. It's
      always interesting for me to read perspectives on these things.

      F > So what he is saying is coinciding with what
      > he is seeing that needs attention brought to it,
      > and i hear what i am needing to hear and it is
      > as if it is coming from within me. Nothing he
      > says seems out of place, it is not distracting
      > or irritating.

      That's excellent, Freyja.

      N > <<One of the things the practice of hatha yoga offers is the
      > enhancement of physical mindfulness.>>

      F (with snip)> Yes...one pose where i experience
      > very direct communication with an organ (intestines)
      > is the Wind Removing Pose (Pavanamuktasana).


      We have a saying in this area, "If you touch someone, it's a
      blessing." We usually say it when we're about to move into reclining
      spinal twists or Supta Padangusthasanas where it is assured that
      someone in class will touch someone else. Who can explain the
      aversion we have to coming into physical contact with strangers or
      friends? Well, the saying helps people get over the aversion.

      I've always thought there should be another saying, "If you pass
      wind, it's a blessing." We would use it for twists and inversions and
      everyone could just chill out and toot till there was nothing left to
      toot. Really, air in and air out, that's cleansing, isn't it? :)

      > And, during poses and in briefly resting between poses,
      > i can also feel internal massage of lungs, kidneys, liver, heart,
      > pancreas, adrenals, thyroid, female organs.....diaphramatic
      > breathing becomes automatic.....it's just wonderful.

      Freyja, try resting in a long savasana (20 min plus with or without
      asana beforehand) and exploring your innards. First ground yourself
      in your breath, creating a very receptive quality in the body towards
      gravity and the breath. With the rhythm of the breath in place, begin
      a process of recognizing sensation, releasing it, and then following
      its absence down deeper into the body. Pulses are sensations, too, as
      are feelings of weightedness and contraction, etc. You might also
      discover the sensation of 'falling', or 'sliding with no grip'. It is
      the feeling of adhesions letting go. That's a tough one to let go,
      but see if you can do it, and see what lies beyond it.

      << 'Sensation' is also the endpiece, as the deeper and broader
      > one goes into physical mindfulness, the more transparent the body
      > becomes, the more the spaces between sensation become perceivable.>>
      > Nice!
      > <<This is the key to the relation between asana and meditation. The
      > body dissolves in the same way the mind dissolves. It becomes clear
      > that the two, mind and body, or meditation and asana, are 'one and
      > the same'.>>
      > Yes, this is so well-said, Nina.
      > Just to share: My favorite pose (as of yesterday, ha ha), is
      > the Toe Stand Pose (Padangustasana), because
      > i am having fun with the balancing aspect,
      > taking on the challenge to one day be able to have both
      > hands at chest in prayer position, no shaking--
      > perfect balance. I think one reason i might be drawn to
      > this pose is because, as Bikram says, it helps develop
      > patience....and also good for knees, ankles and feet....
      > structural areas that are sensitive on me.
      > I also just loooovvvvveeeee Supta-Vajransana (Fixed Firm Pose)
      > another knee, leg and ankle thing....
      > Camel and Boat poses are perennial favorites, well i could go

      :) Thanks for sharing, Freyja.

      Lately we've been having fun exploring arm balances. What could be
      more fun than something that, if you mess up, lands you square on
      your butt with your feet up in the air? Isn't that always the way!
      LOL! Quite humbling, but humorous.

      By the way, I did think of Bruce and Greg the other day while
      teaching Bakasana. After demonstrating the pose, I remained in it as
      everyone tried it out. I caught myself 'hanging out' in the pose, as
      I verbally adjusted people. Draw your navel to your spine! Tuck your
      tail! Lift your feet! Straighten your arms! We had a grand time. Next
      time, after the technical pieces are more in place, we'll work more
      on the introspective pieces.

      > Great discussing yoga with you, Nina....

      Yep, thanks!
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