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  • silauto
    Hi Judi and All, I have an interpretation which is strange. To Love is to give something to someone the way you d expected to have received, or to do unto
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2002
      Hi Judi and All,
      I have an interpretation which is strange.
      To Love is to give something to someone the way you'd expected to
      have received, or to do unto others as others would have done unto

      Jesus said to Love God, and to love thy neighbor as thyself.

      What are the ways to perform the above feats seems to be a big
      confusion for many. What can you give to GOD? There seems to be only
      one thing that God had given to you, but out of Love will not take
      back---FREE WILL-- unless for oneness with God you want to surrender
      the same back to Him.

      Secondly what is the best gift for your neighbor?Wine? Women? or
      Wealth? Material gifts will make your neighbor dependent on you. So
      the only thing that should be given to your neighbors is to show him
      how to Love God so that he too can be one with God.

      Jesus out of Love for man, wanted all to become one with God, and
      thus showed us the way of Love, by becoming one with God Himself.

      Howzzat? This is from my Channelling experiences so I welcome
      comments on the same.

      Love. Dinesh.

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      <judirhodes@z...> wrote:
      > Jesus put the icing on the cake by directing us to love our
      neighbor as ourselves, which is about all we have left to do when we
      are everything. These are straightforward operating instructions.
      You are everything, so love your neighbor, who, by the way, happens
      to be yourself, anyway.
      > But it is far too simple to think of it that way, so we had to
      create thousands of books to explain what these visionairies were
      saying. Now there are various schools of thought, churches, sects,
      priests, teachers, and systems we can choose from. It is truly
      confusing and we are relieved to be confused. Otherwise we would
      have had to live the simplicity of love.
      > We are afraid to step out of our fear, and to love. In the
      recognition of the human condition in all of us, that we're all
      alike, we find that compassion arises. We are them. We are the human
      condition. And knowing this, unavoidably we find compassion,
      connection, we fall in love.
      > We fall in love with ourselves, with each other, with the human
      condition. Love, in the end, doesn't come from being loving. It
      comes from being human. It comes from our failure to love and from
      our fear of love. The mythic Jesus, after all, was incarnate as a
      human being. He had all the passions of a human and all the
      failures. In between some fairly impressive miracles, he perceived
      that the other is ourself.
      > That's the miracle.
      > The other is ourself, because, in fact, there is no self to be
      other, and no other to be other.
      > Happy Days,
      > Judi
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