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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Q for pinning down a you

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  • Jason Fishman
    ... I do have answers for these, the answer is she has no choice to leave or stay and nothing can be done. Unity, isn t one. Source isn t single. Birth from
    Message 1 of 53 , Jun 29, 2003
      --- Nina <murrkis@...> wrote:
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com,
      > "G"
      > <crystalkundalini@h...> wrote:
      > > in looking at what was there is no longer Any
      > relationship.
      > > that Died with Realization. and no matter how
      > another wishes
      > > to try and assume that because one speaks there is
      > an identity
      > > present that is not always the case. once
      > everything settles
      > > then all becomes simply empty in nature and
      > forever
      > > Non-Dual.
      > Hi, Ganga, you say there is no identity and that one
      > becomes empty in
      > nature and forever nondual. I am curious, what
      > allows or compels a
      > nondual citizen to enter into communication, then,
      > with dual
      > citizens? Or to continue living in the body, with
      > all that this
      > entails? Is it habit? Is it truly so black and
      > white, either/or? More
      > directly, why do you still have a material life? Why
      > not be done with
      > it entirely?
      > respectfully,
      > Nina

      I do have answers for these, the answer is she has no
      choice to leave or stay and nothing can be done.

      Unity, isn't one. Source isn't single. Birth from one
      isn't, wont and never will occur. Therefore, to go
      beyond the singular is going beyond and beyond and
      beyond until the beyond is all there is, as a trap
      that concludes only one remains. Such as to ask, where
      does source come from? where does the source of source
      eminate? Where does the end come in?

      If one (which isn't) ends, that is the end of one. Yet
      what remains is all, just the same. It's not a belief
      that there is something else. In unity one (which
      isn't) can define infinite something elses. The rule
      is, never the same something twice. No snowflake, no
      human, no sun, moon, planet, no ether, no atom,
      exactly the same configuration twice, not at any
      moment do two exist with precisely the same make-up.
      This is unity, as no two exist.

      Ganga or Joe Smith cannot go outside of unity, even
      though one can go infinitely beyond all beyonds, as
      if. Neither are ever pinned down long enough to
      escape, even if there was an alternate reality in
      which one can say is "?". Since "?" is simply unknown
      until it is understood as "?".

      In essence Ganga going to the absolute that is, is
      perfectly true, but shes not taking a body with her,
      nor does she have that as an option, which is why shes
      not going anywhere. There isn't a ganga that can be
      pinned down in order to take somewhere else. All
      gangas memories of suffering are just that, moments
      that are pinned down, in some past that is no longer.
      Her now is, as is, unpinned, in which the cycle of not
      being of suffering is the case for this existence that
      cannot be pinned. It is simply the believe that she
      isn't suffering, as a moment occured that she pinned
      down, as such. Memory allows for such a pinning down,
      but look for yourself in this moment and you wont find
      a you anywhere, only the memory of the moment past.

      The presence of time is precisely the same
      construction, A moment that is fluid, stepping through
      the prior. A second passes, but passes what? the next
      second, since in time the prior is birth to the next,
      fluidly. At the speed of light all time stops, you can
      test this yourself by focusing on an image until you
      reach the current moment, as your mind catches up. An
      excersise that has been performed for hundreds of
      recorded years.

      Defining a future or telling a future is very much a
      truth as well. Since at the current moment exisist an
      entirety of moments to come, on a mental cycle. Also,
      there is a mental truth to communication without
      words, movement of matter without a physical
      intervention, travel through space without a starting
      point and ending point, as time describes, since the
      prior is always manifesting the current moment. It is
      difficult to pin down and if it was a simple process
      it would be the current moments truth, as a
      progression simply is a regression equally so.

      Peace and Love

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    • texasbg2000
      ... Hi Dan: Always good to hear from you. If you decide to run for prez I will vote for you. Love Bobby G.
      Message 53 of 53 , Jul 15, 2003
        > You're welcome, and glad for the chuckle, Bobby.
        > And yes, we must always keep in mind the
        > unrembemberable.
        > Love,
        > Dan

        Hi Dan:

        Always good to hear from you. If you decide to run for prez I will
        vote for you.

        Bobby G.
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