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Re: Meditation Society of America namaste

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  • devianandi
    ... not seen and immediately starts putting its house in order when it is observed. ... Westerners, and it s a fairly sure bet that Ramana and other Famous
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2003
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      > The ego operates fully and is blown about by any wind when it is
      not seen and immediately starts putting its 'house in order' when it
      is observed.
      > Hey Bob and Ganga and Bruce:
      > ======================
      > This is why I don't like the term ego - it's pretty loaded for
      Westerners, and it's a fairly sure bet that Ramana and other Famous
      Dead Indian Guys (tm) didn't use that particular English-language
      term! It's vague and ambiguous and admits of a wide range of
      meaning. It can mean anything from an operational center (that which
      does the dishes) to a heavily invested sense of self. Like a gossip
      item about Faye Dunnaway I read today. She wanted a 50% discount on
      a restaurant meal. The waiter asked why, and said that it's not this
      restaurant's policy. She screamed, "Because I'm Faye Dunnaway, and I
      always get what I want!!"
      > Someone asked our experience.
      > My experience is this - All phenomenality is free
      devi: i don't understand that...before you have the expereince of all
      phenomenality is free what did you experience...?

      - it is all freedom, and therefore objectless and not really
      phenomenal at all.

      devi: i don't understand what objectless is...and by phenomenal you
      mean not really great?

      There is no limitation, no barrier, no border, no distance, no
      prohibition, no difficulty.

      devi: can you give me an example of limitation, barrier, border
      distance prohibition and difficulty?

      Nothing happens in this freedom because nothing is apart from it.

      devi: theres no movement?

      This freedom is not felt to have a location or a sequence or time.
      It's no closer to the north than the south. It's HERE and direct,
      wherever that word is uttered. There is not a place whatsoever,

      devi: there is no place?

      but if there were, there is no place that is not this freedom. :-)
      It can't be gathered up like sand and piled in one place.
      devi: what can't be gathered up?

      It runs through all as all. Some call this God, or Consciousness,
      or Buddha Nature, or Love, or Sweetness, or What-Is. It is not
      experienced as words. It is experience itself.

      devi: ok, this i understand

      No words are apart from it. It is sweet because it is devoid of
      bitterness. It is light because it is devoid of darkness. It is
      intelligence because it is devoid of ignorance. --Greg

      devi: thats pretty


      i have been having problems with my computer. boo hoo
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