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Re: The World as your Guru

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  • steve
    Dear Ganga, I just want to reiterate that I am not here to argue with you. I respect you and your ways. But there are many ways and many perspectives. I am not
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2003
      Dear Ganga,

      I just want to reiterate that I am not here to argue with you. I
      respect you and your ways. But there are many ways and many
      perspectives. I am not against gurus, that is not my perspective. I
      am all for gurus and I am also all for relying on your own self. In
      my case, I am on the path of the latter. One is not more right than
      the other. You have a lot of wisdom to share and many are glad you
      are here and many of your students are glad to have you as a guru. I
      only wish you well and your students well. With love and affection,

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      > For those that think their valuable * i am my own guru* wisdom
      > ranks better than that of the Guru and his approved disciples :
      > This is from : Merging With Shiva
      > talks from Satguru Subramuniyaswami
      > Those on the anava marga, the path of the external ego, often
      > claim to be their own *guru* . Some untraditional teachers even
      > encourage tis attitude. However, being ones own guru is a false
      > concept. Traditionally, one would be his "own guru" only if he
      > were initiated as such, and his guru left the physical body. Even
      > then he would be bound by the lineage within the sect of
      > Sanatana Dharama he dedicated his life to, and would still
      > maintain contact with his *Guru-ji* within the inner world.
      > Therefore, he would not really ever be his own guru at all. Being
      > one's own guru is a definite part of the anava marga, a very
      > important part . It is raw, eccentric egoism. A teenager doesn't
      > become his own teacher in school. A medical doctor doesn't
      > become his own professor and then get a license to practice,
      > signed by himself . Nor does a lawyer, an engineer or even an
      > airline stewardess. So, logic would tell us that those pursuing
      > something as sensitive as personal and final as the path to
      > perfection cannot on their own gain the necessary skills and
      > knowledge to be successful in this endeavor.
      > Well here we are having fun aren't we ? But it is also a serious
      > subject . Think about it . In the realm of training and
      > responsiveness, we can say that there are two basic margas, or
      > stages: the anava marga and the jnanan marga. Those on the
      > jnana marga know they need someone in their life who has
      > already attained what they are seeking to attain, who can see
      > ahead of their seeing and consciously guide them. This is the
      > traditional path of Hindu Dharma leading to Self Realization.
      > Those on the way of eternal ego have met many teachers, tested
      > then very carefully, and have found them all not meeting up to
      > their standards. They are the devotees of Sri' Sri' Sri' Visvaguru
      > Maha Maharaj-ji, members of his Bhogabhumi Ashram, *place
      > of pleasure*. The regular daily sadhana is stimulating the desire
      > for sex, for money, for food, for clothing.
      > Unlike other ashrams, here there are no apparent boundaries or
      > clear-cut guidelines. followers are free to do as they please. All
      > classes are open to everyone, from the most refined studies to
      > the most devious and low-minded. Advanced low-level classes
      > feature how to "do in" your enemies and remain undetected ; ( ah
      > we have a number of proficient adepts in this class online ) how
      > to access pornography on the Internet, one of the great tools of
      > the ashram, and then participate in the pleasures it
      > recommends. There are courses on effective ways to beat the
      > children, abuse the wife or husband, to maximise domestic
      > chaos. Executive education includes how to climb a corporate
      > ladder, the pros and cons of saving face when rightly accused ,
      > ( ah another accomplishment of many online armchair experts)
      > and * downing your accuser as misinformed or as a perpetual
      > liar* ( well nothing need more be said on this score) , . One
      > whole department is dedicated to self -indulgence.
      > Advancements in technology provide never-ending novelty. There
      > 's experiential training in crime and punishment, in terrorism and
      > being terrorized, revenge, retribution and the quest for
      > forgiveness. Visvaguruji has licenced assistant teachers all over
      > the globe, in every city and small community in every country. In
      > fact, every facet of our lovely planet participates in his training
      > programs at every moment in time .
      > Mid-range subjects include politics, how to lose and still again in
      > the process. Love and relationships is very popular, with
      > intensives in promiscuity, marriage, infidelity and divorce . How
      > to find your little self and make it big - name and fame - is among
      > the top ten pursuits. There are numerous variations of the
      > acquisition and loss of property. Suicide and threatening suicide
      > to get your own way have many students. Certain subjects are
      > compulsory , including the quest for health and longevity, and the
      > reality of decline, death and dying. The emotional wing is always
      > full... especially the sessions on joy and sorrow. Anger is
      > overcrowded and jealousy too... The list goes on and on. How to
      > be totally *committed to being noncommitted* keeps many from
      > advancing into higher grades. Keeping your children from
      > becoming interested in religion lest it hamper their education
      > and job possibilities , has lots of apparently intelligent
      > advocates. Maling a living is one of the largest branches, with a
      > recent addition of remaining sane while holding down 3 jobs .
      > Understanding your rebellious teenager and other parenting
      > challenges are very big. How to have a family and neglect it at the
      > same time (latchkey kids) is the latest rage.
      > Most ashramites or bhogis are swamped with so many
      > subjects, they struggle twentry-four hours a day and still never
      > catch up . This is a very tough school, and the odd thing is ,
      > enrollment is automatic; even without applying for a course, you
      > wind up studying it. It's the default when the guidance of other
      > *Gurus* is rejected . Visvaguruji has many doors for entering his
      > ashram and only one for exiting. Gadually, eventually, and it may
      > take many lifetimes, everyone comes to see that he is leading
      > them to an understanding that every freedom has its price, every
      > action its reaction, that the path to perfection is up and up and
      > up.
      > So you can tell your friends, "I have a guru and you have one, too.
      > Everyone has a guru whether they know it or not. All three gurus -
      > parents , family guru and Visvaguruji say unanimously its a dirty
      > job but somebody has to do it . Visvaguru's school of hard
      > knocks eventually delivers all errant seekers back to a *Satguru*
      > , shaman, rabbi, priest or minister. In order not to repeat his
      > training, you either learn through the tough reactions of his
      > courses or gentler lessons under the guidance of the two other
      > traditional *Gurus* . All *Gurus* are conspiritors in the
      > of the soul. and Sri' Sri' Sri' Visvaguru Maha Maharaj-ji is no
      > exception.........
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