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    Dear Ramon, Things come around, leave, and come back again. Back in the early 60 s, it was not uncommon for Hippies to nurse on baby bottles while tripping .
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2002
      Dear Ramon,
      Things come around, leave, and come back again. Back in the early
      60's, it was not uncommon for Hippies to nurse on baby bottles while
      "tripping". I'm pretty sure the modern day Ecstasy users can be found
      with pacifiers on chains around their necks, and in their mouths when
      on their "trip". I do like Judi's suggestion that menopause problems
      be discussed with a physican, but maybe trying to suck would be
      soothing at a time when that is very much needed.
      Peace and blessings,

      Ramon Sender <rabar@m...> wrote:
      > Worry with the head is what humans do because they haven't
      > gnawed enough with their teeth. As primitives, we used our teeth
      > and mouths a great deal more for things such as grooming ourselves
      > and others, softening hides, preparing fermented drinks, etc.
      > Or because they did not remain on the breast long enough as a
      > baby?
      > Although this may sound orally fixated or just plain silly,
      > I recommend sucking your thumb -- or as I do -- my tongue,
      > or just go out and purchase a pacifier. Sucking is one of the
      > 112 meditations recommended in the great classic Hindu
      > text, The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra:
      > Osho's translation, and he comments in part:
      > "Sucking is good, but you will feel that it is very difficult
      because we have forgotten
      > it completely ? but not really completely, however, because we go
      substituting for it....
      > " I gave this method to one man. He had tried many things; he had
      tried many, many
      > methods. He had tried many things; he had tried many, many methods.
      Then he came
      > to me, so I asked him, "If I give you only one thing to choose in
      the whole world, what
      > are you going to choose?" And I told him immediately to close his
      eyes and tell me, and
      > not think about it. He became afraid, hesitant, so I told him, 'Do
      not be afraid, do not be
      > hesitant. Be frank and tell me.'
      > "He said, 'This is absurd, but a breast appears before me.'
      > "And then he began to feel guilty, so I said, "Do not feel guilty.
      Nothing is wrong in a
      > breast; it is one of the most beautiful things, so why be
      > "And it is not so only with him, it is so with everyone ? with
      almost everyone. And it is natural,
      > because the breast of the mother was the first acquaintance with
      universe. It is basic. ...
      > That was the first thing with which you came in contact, and the
      contact was
      > lovely, it felt beautiful. It gives you food, instant vitality,
      love, everything. The contact was soft,
      > receptive, inviting.
      > "So I told that man, 'Now I will give you the method.' And this
      the method I gave him, to
      > suck something and become the sucking. I told him, 'Just close your
      > Start sucking.' He started sucking. Within three days he was
      so fast, so madly, he
      > became so much enchanted by it. He told me, 'It has become a
      ? I want to suck the
      > whole day. And it is so beautiful, and such deep silence is created
      by it.'
      > "Within three months the sucking became a very, very silent
      The lips stopped, you
      > couldn't even have judged that he was doing something. But inner
      sucking had started.
      > He was sucking the whole day. It became a mantra, a japa ? a mantra
      > "After three months he came to me and said, 'Something strange is
      happening to me. Something
      > sweet is falling from my head onto my tongue continuously. And it
      so sweet and so energy
      > filling that I do not need any food, there is no hunger left.
      has become just a formality.
      > I take something in order not to create any problems in the family.
      But something is continuously
      > coming to me. It is so sweet, life-giving.'
      > "I told him to continue. Three months more, and one day he came
      just mad, dancing to me, and
      > he said, "Sucking has disappeared, but I am a different man. I am
      more the same man who
      > had come to you. Some door has opened within me. Something has
      broken and there is no desire
      > left. Now I do not want anything ? not even God, not even moksha ?
      liberation. I do not want anything.
      > Now everything is okay as it is. I accept it and I am blissful."
      > "Try this. Just suck something and become the sucking. It may be
      helpful to many because it is so basic."
      - Book
      > *****
      > Sorry I can't help you, I'm 55 and still no signs of menopause, but
      I suggest
      > you see a doctor. That's what my mother did and it worked out fine.
      Of course, she was
      > always worrying about something, but that's what mothers do! :-)
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