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Re: J. Krishnamurti

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  • Onniko
    ... Then, do it, Tony, just do it. Stop looking to your right and to your left and interpreting what you are and what holds one back. MOst of all, let go of
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 28, 2003
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, asimpjoy
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > There are some who would insult
      > the vase and break it, letting
      > the pure clean water spill on
      > the ground - cursing it, calling
      > it poison,
      > ... And then turn around and drink
      > their own muddy water, shouting:
      > "I AM MY OWN GURU!" (???)
      > ********************************************
      > "... The only error in your post is that my
      > water is just as pure and clean as the
      > one I chose to break and smash and destroy.
      > Both are water source is from a pure spring ..."
      > (Steve)
      > **** T: Egocentric assertions, based on
      > conceptualized ideas, are altogether different
      > the heart-felt pointings of a Realized Master
      > who is directly experiencing the Absolute Truth.
      > ... One is muddy with ignorance - the other is not.
      > *************************************************
      > *************************************************
      > "... Yeah, you can't break someone else's vase
      > and spill their water just because you call it
      > names, silly..there, I called you silly, did you
      > break and did your lifeforce, your god, spill on
      > the ground? And, there is no muddy lifeforce to
      > drink, just muddy thinking to wallow in ..."
      > (Oniko)
      > **** T: The vase is only a symbol for the one who
      > functions as a conduit for the means that assists
      > in bringing you to the point of personal liberation,
      > but once the symbol is disrespected and misrepresented
      > its effectiveness for the disparager is lost - and so
      > "the vase is broken" (Of course, there is no inherent
      > brokenness for the guru, nor is there any brokenness for
      > the integrity of their function).
      > ... This is when it is like casting precious pearls of
      > wisdom before swine - so "the pure clean water is spilled
      > on the ground, it is cursed, and called poison".
      > "Muddy thinking" is the domain of the ego, and ego only
      > knows how drink the foul spewings of its own intellect,
      > ... Like the dog that eats its own vomit.
      > Direct conscious contact with the "Life-force" requires
      > that one to go beyond the intellectualizations of the
      > egotistical mind, and to directly experience the purity
      > and innocence of a humble and unencumbered "Heart".
      > Love and affection,

      Then, do it, Tony, just do it. Stop looking to your right and to
      your left and interpreting what you are and what holds one back.
      MOst of all, let go of the watchfulness of pure vs. impure because
      it's that watchfulness that turns you back on yourself and keeps the
      anchor down. Mental activity may seem continuous but it's weak and
      it need constant attention to keep it going. When the surface
      thinking is released, there's a degree of purity but if you stop and
      judge that, you'll bounce right back to where you were in the first
      place. Muddy to pure is as to complex to simple and it's the natural
      flow. Worrying about where you are when you've begun to be quiet is
      as starting to swim the other way, again.
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