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RE: [Meditation Society of America] Journal Entry - August 19 - tosime

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  • Tony
    Journal Entry - tosime Date: August 19 Type: Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs) Variation: None Time: 08:40 a.m. Duration: 59 minutes (open) Posture:
    Message 1 of 99 , Aug 19, 2002
      Journal Entry - tosime
      Date: August 19
      Type: Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs)
      Variation: None
      Time: 08:40 a.m.
      Duration: 59 minutes (open)
      Posture: Seated on chair
      Body: Eyes closed, tongue tip to pallet, hands on knees-index finger
      touching thumb
      Condition: Darkened room. Two candles. Incense. Essential Oil - (Bergamot
      + water on burner). Bell.
      Mind Chatter: Low.
      Waves of bliss: Two (hard - not soft).
      Experience: Very good session - Good development

      Result: Missed last two days due to late wakening (Sat) and not being in the
      mood (Sun).

      Focus on deeper physical relaxation, practicing acceptance and practicing
      attention. As I relax and go deeper into the meditation my body and mind
      bring up different stimuli.

      I practice attention by waiting alertly for the next stimuli. My aim is to
      increase my attention as this reduces mind chatter and makes me more
      sensitive to what is happening in my body and mind.

      I practice acceptance by not reacting to whatever comes up. A wide variety
      of things come up. I assume that whatever comes up is a direction on a path.
      When I react strongly to something it dissolves and I loose that path. When
      I fully accept what comes up, I am taken along that path. Today's path took
      me to two waves of bliss which were different from other waves (hard to
      describe since there are few words that are accurate enough).

      Physical relaxation is so deep I notice I sometimes drool. I am learning not
      to react to this as part of the acceptance process.

      I find observing the memory creation process fascinating. Things that
      happened the previous day are "associated" or linked with different things
      so that if I ever think of the these things it will automatically bring up
      what happened yesterday.

      The skills and attitudes I develop during meditation are very useful in day
      to day situations because they help me to stay calm, stay focused and
      understand the deeper processes that are happening in my mind.
    • Swami-G
      ... without ... on ... very ... and deeper ... slide ... If I ... come when I ... thoughts is a ... any ... thought ... Sg: nice to see the site come back to
      Message 99 of 99 , Nov 29, 2003
        --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "tosime"
        <tosime@b...> wrote:
        > Journal Entry - tosime
        > Date: November 29 2003
        > Type: Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs)
        > Time: 07:55 a.m.
        > Duration: 38 minutes (open)
        > Posture: Seated on chair
        > Body: Eyes closed,
        > - Hands on knees
        > Room Condition: Darkened room
        > - One candle
        > - Incense
        > - Essential Oil - (Gardenia + water on burner)
        > Pre-session:
        > - Full body stretch (3 times).
        > - Struck the bell 3 times before starting
        > Mind Chatter: Low
        > Waves of bliss: None
        > Experience: Good Session. First session after about a year
        > meditating
        > Result: Recall Session - Getting used to the motions.
        > Surprising easy to return to meditation. My body felt as if it were
        > automatic pilot - simply did most of the usual things I did with
        > little thinking on my part.
        > Good physical relaxation. Moved quite quickly through deeper
        and deeper
        > states of physical relaxation.
        > Had the insight that my day to day thinking was like watching a
        > show. Each slide would stop if I dwelt on it by thinking about it.
        If I
        > did not, the next slide would appear. Most of my problems
        come when I
        > dwell too much on each passing thought. The progression of
        thoughts is a
        > natural process that I interfere with when I dwell too long on
        > particular thought. I should try relaxing more and allowing the
        > process to take its natural course.

        Sg: nice to see the site come back to its intention.....
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