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meditation, bhakti, jnana, and Ramana

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  • mlcanow
    Hello all, the dialogs here are being candentes (this comes from fire, you know?). And placing a dialog of a .....(how does Bruce call the dead ones ?) may
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2003
      Hello all,

      the dialogs here are being "candentes" (this comes from fire, you
      know?). And placing a dialog of a .....(how does Bruce call
      the "dead ones"?) may be taken as "out of this moment". But Ramana
      is in tone now (and always), and I feel this extract I found this
      afternoon would suite the meditation thing, the jnana and the bhakti
      thing. So here it goes.

      D: Can Sri Bhagavan help us realize the Truth?

      M: Help is always there.
      D: Then there is no need to ask questions. I do not feel the ever-
      present help.

      M: Surrender and you will find it.

      D: I amalways at your feet. Will Bhagavan give us some upadesa to
      Otherwise, how can I get the help living six hundred miles away?

      M: That Sadguru is within.

      D: Sadguru is necessary to guide me to understand it.

      M: The Sadguru is within.

      D: I want a visible Guru.

      M: That visible Guru says that He is within.

      D: Can I thow myself at the mercy of the Sadguru?

      M: Yes. Instructions are necessary only solong as one has not
      surrendered oneself.

      D: Is no particular time necessary for meditation?

      M: Meditation depends on strength of mind. It must be unceasing,
      even while engaged in work.
      A particular time is meant for novices.

      D: Will Sadguru place his hand on my head to assure me of his help?
      I will have the consolation that
      his promise will be fulfilled.

      M: A bond will be the nwxt requisition and a suit will be filed if
      you imagine no help forthcoming. (Laughter).

      D: May I come near, Sir? (For blessing).

      M: Such doubts should not arise inyou. They contradict your
      statement of surrender.
      Sadguru is always on your head.

      D: Surrender comes after effort.

      M: Yes, it becomes complete in due course.

      D: Is a teacher necessary for instructions?

      M: Yes, if you wnat to learn anything new. But here you have to

      D: Yet a teacher is necessary.

      M: You have already got what you seek elsewhere. So no teacher is

      D: Is there any use of the man of Realization for the seeker?

      M: Yes. He helps you get rid of your delusion that you are not

      D: So, tell me how.

      M: The paths are meant only to dehypnotize the individual.

      D: Dehypnotize me. Tell me what method to follow.

      M: Where are you now? Where should you go?

      D: I know "I am"; but do not know what I am.

      M: Are there two I's then?

      D: It is begging the question.

      M: Who says this? Is it the one who is, or is it the other who does
      not know what he is?

      D: I am, but do not know what or how.

      M: "I" is always there.

      D: Does the "I" undergo any transformation, say in death?

      M: Who witness the transformation?

      D: You seem to speak Jnana Yoga. This is Jnana Yoga.

      M; Yes, it is.

      D: But surrender is Bhakti Yoga.

      M: Both are the same.

      After some time the man continued: Then I have to conclude that
      I am Consciousness and that nothing occurs except by my presence.

      M: It is one thing to conclude it by reasoning and another thing to
      be convinced.

      From the book "Talks with Ramana Maharshi".
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