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Karma Clearing for Ocean and Navy Sonar

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    On 8/16/02, there will be a karma clearing in Mt. Laurel NJ, in addition ... session ... clearing your ... thought, ... session to ... using ... levels ... as
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2002
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      On 8/16/02, there will be a karma clearing in Mt. Laurel NJ, in
      >to our normal karma clearing sessions, we will be doing a special
      >the whales and dolphins and those that swim in the ocean.
      >Please join us from wherever you are in the world, to
      >help clear karma for this very important cause. Please read the
      >on how to prepare. >
      >HOW TO PREPARE.....
      >It is strongly suggested that you be sitting or lying down when
      >in these workshops from a distant location. Relax. Focus on
      clearing your
      >personal, family/ancestral, country and world karma as we hold the
      >feeling and emotion of peace on earth. Give permission for the
      session to
      >begin. You can listen to music or relax in silence. >
      >Subject: sonar
      > >On July 16 the US Navy got permission to go ahead with tests for
      > >low
      >frequency sonar in our oceans. The tests have begun.
      >The high-powered >submarine detection system will operate at noise
      >billions of
      > >times more intense than those known to disturb the migration and
      > >of large whales. It has been known by scientists and the US Navy
      as well,
      > >that these tests injure marine life, including causing internal
      > >
      >*On Saturday 60 false killer whales beached themselves off Australia.
      > >*Yesterday it was reported that hundreds of Giant squid had beached
      > >themselves along the Californian coastline along with unusual
      numbers of
      > >(harmless) leopard sharks coming in close to shore disorientated.
      > >*Twelve manatees have also been reported to have died on the
      > >*Today it is reported that another 60 pilot whales have beached
      > >themselves off Cape Cod.
      > >
      > >All of this within a week of the Navy's go ahead to use this low
      > >frequency sonar, Coincidence? I think not.
      > >
      > >The sonar is equivalent in decibels to us standing next to a rocket
      > >being launched. It causes brain hemorrhaging & disorientation to
      > >other marine life. There are innumerable accounts of how dolphins
      > >whales have helped us in life threatening situations...Now it is
      time for
      > >help them.
      > >
      > >What can we do? Three very important, simple and quick actions.
      > >1. Send a letter (already written for you, although you may amend
      it as
      > >you like) to Hon. Gordon R. England, Secretary of the Navy at
      > >http://www.nrdcaction.org/index.asp?step=2> &item=1291 You do
      > >not need to be a member of NRDC to send this letter. Takes 3
      minutes or
      > >
      > >2. Register your opinion on a petition at
      > >http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/129527570 Takes 3
      minutes or
      > >less.
      > >
      > >3. Also, one of the most positive forms of action we can take is
      > >positive group consciousness or Prayer. The Ancients left us
      > >information, found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, that for many years
      were kept
      > >This information is about the Power of Prayer. The power of the
      > >is found in a force that cannot be spoken or transmitted as the
      > >word, but is the "feelings" that the prayers words evoke within
      > >the prayer! To change the conditions of our outer world, we must
      > >actually become the conditions of our desire from within.
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