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Re: Frustration

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  • texasbg2000
    ... of ... question ... illusions ... Well said Ganga. I concur. Love Bobby G.
    Message 1 of 48 , Jun 1, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "G"
      <crystalkundalini@h...> wrote:
      > > Just as in dreams where each element of the dream is an
      > aspect of myself I think everything I notice in life is an aspect
      > me.
      > > Symbolically it may mean I am being pushed around because I
      > fear others being ticked off at me. Or maybe I want to avoid
      > trouble but can't. Or I get impatient with people who do that to
      > me.
      > > What do you think it means, Onniko?
      > > Bobby G.
      > G: perhaps it is time to question these reactions and where
      > they stem from and what holds it in place .... in the end it's all
      > about the conceptualized "ME" ...... i want , i need, rather than
      > seeing other as One, most are focused on their emotional wants
      > , perceived needs, and structure being catered to .....
      > this is where self enquiry begins ..... starting to
      > what is this *ME* that holds these desires in place..... one must
      > eventually come to a place of questioning it all to the very depths
      > and core of their being ..... it takes pulling apart the
      > until ego identification and being wrapped up in the temporal
      > form, mind, and emotions begin to fall away .....
      > meditation brings focused awareness and a bit of a cushion
      > so that patterns may begin to be seen and questioned...... it is
      > this enquiry that can dispell the shadows that cover the pure
      > essense with the false self that seeks to maintain and *keep
      > safe* the temporal form along with it's strongholds of mental and
      > emotional baggage called bondage and maya ........
      > shanti om

      Well said Ganga. I concur.

      Bobby G.
    • Jason Fishman
      ... Yes, the best way to learn any software is trial and error (hands on). I can help you with how the program operates but your the one that has to put it to
      Message 48 of 48 , Jun 3, 2003
        --- satkartar7 <mi_nok@...> wrote:
        > > > What would you like to know about web design? I
        > know
        > > > the technical stuff, the networking, server side
        > apps
        > > > and some basic html. It's the way certain
        > programs
        > > > call out there functions that gets me. I'm a
        > hard line
        > > > designer, with lots of technical stuff, but I
        > lack
        > > > greatly in the artist "soft" technique. The
        > piece I
        > > > did for the inner traveler was the first time I
        > picked
        > > > up the creative side in some time. You may have
        > a good
        > > > resource between Bobby and I, if you wish you
        > can
        > > > e-mail me anytime :)
        > > >
        > > > Peace and Love
        > >
        > > Me too. I learned the abstract visual elements
        > from a book on
        > > compostion by Steven Friend. There is an enormous
        > body of knowledge
        > > about how to construct a visual image with
        > interest and balance. A
        > > lot you would never think of. Unfortunately
        > people lack the belief
        > > that is is necessary a lot of the time.
        > >
        > > Visual impact is a study in itself.
        > >
        > thank you both Jason and Bobby, I'll
        > e-mail in privi then
        > I am also reading the adobe photoshop
        > but this is not easy to learn from
        > books, I'll have to go back to school
        > love, Karta

        Yes, the best way to learn any software is trial and
        error (hands on). I can help you with how the program
        operates but your the one that has to put it to use in
        a functional way!

        Peace and Love

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