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Re: The skein

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  • medit8ionsociety
    ... Dear Maria Louisa, You spin a wonderful yarn:-) Thank you. Peace and blessings, Bob
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2003
      "mlcanow" <mlcanow@y...> wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > although this issue has been presented in each and every way, i feel
      > somewhat creative today and found a simile or metaphor that would
      > like to share with you.
      > There are thread skeins that are very easy to unravel, there are
      > skeins that
      > are a complete bundle.
      > When we buy a new skein, it is very easy to make use of it in a
      > continuous
      > and ordered way.
      > Some times we go too far in the use of the thread, or we are too
      > careless,
      > or something unexpected happens that makes the skein roll over the
      > floor,
      > loosing its immaculate purity and somewhat desperate or hurried,
      > we pretend to pick up the excess of loose thread making a ball that
      > most of the time results in a tangled mess. When we come to use this
      > thread
      > again, it becomes much more difficult to pull of the thread again
      > and we must
      > take our time to untangle the mess that we did by ourselves.
      > If we get stunned or become nervous, maybe we need someone to help
      > us,
      > and with more calmness than what we are able to afford, gives us a
      > hand to
      > restore the order in the skein,leaving it as a new one for a more
      > efficient ussage.
      > On observing the one who is helping us, if we are aware enough, we
      > will realize
      > that it is simply his tranquility and patience what is neccesary to
      > do the work by
      > ourselves.
      > The help may also come from the use of some instrument or machine
      > that we
      > are able to manipulate.
      > But we must be calm enough to make the appropriate use of the
      > instrument.
      > Let's imagine that our mind is that tangled skein. And in our
      > incapacity of
      > achieving a better efficacy (read peace), we need of some help. Some
      > times
      > this help comes in the form of what we come to call a master.
      > The master is neccesary according to the characteristics of each
      > mental skein.
      > A mind in equilibrium, pure, cryrtaline, stable, does not requires
      > of masters.
      > Some times it is not a master, but an event, a mountain, the sea,
      > the chanting
      > of a bird, the tenderness of a baby, the spontaneous proccess of
      > nature, all of
      > this teaches us, and may be equivalent to what a master does. At
      > last, what
      > we learn is to be stable.
      > The understanding of this may stay in the stability itself or may
      > transcend it.
      > I say all this, because i have noticed that some times the issue
      > about masters
      > is mis interpreted .
      > A master is neither good nor bad, it's only what happens in our
      > minds from the
      > contact we may have with him what we may qualify as good or bad.
      > Everythig that brings us nearer to peace,to stability, is good. And
      > if some help
      > or pointings are needed for that, what can be better than finding
      > the hand that
      > takes ours lovingly and holds them together in an attitude of
      > surrenderness.
      > From a pure mind, in equilibrium (stable) or surrendered, by pure
      > grace can
      > happen a fussion which never again allows these hands to separate
      > again.
      > Realization does not depend on any master, it only depends on a mind
      > that
      > has stopped functioning, leaving only pure awareness in its place.
      > And about the compassion of the master, why does he help?
      > Does this come from a personal need?
      > As I see it, an authentic master is the pure side of the thread in
      > the profoundity,
      > in the core of the ball or skein.
      > This pure thread, immaculate, new, is the same thread of the
      > exterior of the
      > skein and by its own nature and its spontaneity, there is the
      > feeling that the
      > purest, cleanest or orderly the external thread is,
      > the more equilibrium may be in the totality of the skein.
      > maria luisa

      Dear Maria Louisa,
      You spin a wonderful yarn:-) Thank you.
      Peace and blessings,
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